How to get rid of the odor in the suction cabin

1. Buy a new sewage truck to remove the plastic protective film for the first time.

After buying a sewage suction truck , those plastic films covering and protecting the interior of the car must be removed at the first time, and must be removed. Do not leave behind those protective films to protect the interior of the car. This is also some odor-producing plastics, and can not allow the covered interior parts to smell as quickly as possible.

2. After the odor disappears, add interior trim parts:

If there is odor in the sewer truck , don't buy floor mats, chair covers, car perfume seats, etc., otherwise, it will not only not achieve the waterproof and decorative functions in the car, but will increase the odor.

There are many ways to remove the odor from the inside of the suction car. The effect is also not the same.

Deodorization is to try to get rid of odors in the sewer car as it can affect human health. However, if perfumes, air fresheners, etc. are used to mask offensive odors, the discomfort can only be relieved by the sense of smell, and there is no fundamental solution to the problem of odors. Instead, some unfavorable hazards are masked on the surface. We can do it by the following methods.

1, simple ventilation exhaust taste:

When the car is being driven or when someone is caring for it, all four windows are opened. Even if the air conditioner is turned on, the outer cycle is used as much as possible. Makes the air in the cab of the suction truck fluid and brings out odors. After such a period of operation, the odor in the suction truck will naturally decrease.

2, fruit, plant deodorant:

The skin grapefruit, orange peel, pineapple, lemon, onion like flavor of fruits and vegetables having an aromatic placed into suction sewage truck. This method is simple and easy to operate, but also low-carbon environmental protection. Fruits and vegetables such as pomelo peel, orange peel, pineapple skin, lemon slices, onions, etc. not only have a strong adsorption capacity, but also have a pleasant taste, and effectively improve the odor in the suction truck. The only thing to note is that these fruits and vegetables need to be replaced regularly to prevent spoilage.

3, tea deodorant:

Go to the tea shop to buy some broken tea (the price is cheap) and then make a small bag with breathable gauze, put the broken tea into it, make tea bags, place it in the cab of the suction truck and absorb the odor in the cab There will be a touch of tea in the cab.

4, activated carbon odor:

In addition to taste activated charcoal package, it is aimed at the automotive industry on the market, many of the health hazards of indoor air pollution on the human body, specifically designed for car deodorization and design, because the structural characteristics of activated carbon is more porous, with a strong adsorption force, not only Adsorption of formaldehyde can also absorb other polluting gases and will not produce secondary pollution.
Using this method to remove odors in the suction truck reminds you that the cost is not great, but the effect is really good. After being used for a period of time in the sewage suction truck, the activated carbon can be taken out and reused in the sun, and then can be reused.

In short odor removal suction sewage truck in the most important thing is to be more windows open, the taste will be significantly improved after one month. Because the interior of the suction truck is simple, it is mainly the smell of plastics and glue in the cab. It is often open for ventilation, and the smell is evaporated. Naturally, it is not.

Use over a period of time there will be sweat-vehicle smoke pollution, cigarette smoke, as well as some other bad taste, the sweat from the main operator of the sewage suction trucks, smoking, as well as in sewage suction truck owners in the operation of sewage suction trucks At that time, the clothes were accidentally soiled with sewage , sludge, etc., and then brought to the cab while driving the suction truck .
In view of this situation, custom-made seat covers for the sewage suction truck can be customized because the seat is most likely to be contaminated with sweat, manure, and sludge. The easy-to-remove and washable seat cover can effectively reduce the cab in the sewage suction truck and can also protect the seat of a real sewage suction truck .

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