The latest national policy will bring the explosive sales growth of Kosan in 2014

On February 12, 2014, Premier Li Keqiang of the State Council held an executive meeting of the State Council to study and deploy further measures to strengthen air pollution such as haze. The meeting pointed out that fighting a tough fight against atmospheric pollution and a protracted war are the top priorities for improving people's livelihood, are key measures for changing the way and adjusting the structure, and are also major tasks in promoting the construction of an ecological civilization. This is another important measure for prevention and control of atmospheric pollution at the national policy level following the issuance of the Air Pollution Prevention Action Plan in September last year.

Automobile exhaust treatment market will grow rapidly this year

According to statistics, the average domestic smog weather in 2013 was as high as 29.9 days. In today's industrial development, automobiles bring convenience to human beings. At the same time, the air pollution brought about by the exhaust gas has quietly become the "cardiopulmonary trouble" of human beings. Therefore, the management of exhaust gas can not be slowed down. At present, China's automotive exhaust gas treatment market mainly includes AdBlue solution, SCR (selective catalytic reduction) system equipment, vehicle urea, automotive catalysts.

Since the State Council issued the “Action Plan for Prevention and Control of Atmospheric Pollution” in September last year, all regions and departments have acted swiftly, setting targets, establishing mechanisms, and strengthening supervision, and have taken new steps in the comprehensive management of atmospheric pollution. Faced with the severe pollution situation, seizing tail gas emissions has become a key link in the control of air pollution, which has led to an ever-expanding market space for the automotive exhaust gas treatment industry. It is estimated that after the implementation of the National IV Standard, the new market size of diesel vehicle exhaust gas treatment this year is expected to reach 140-160 billion yuan.

National policies escort the environmental protection market

The 12th meeting called for stepping up the improvement of existing policies, increasing the support for air pollution prevention and control policies, implementing “substituting for subsidies” for air pollution prevention and control in key regions, and formulating “leaders for energy efficiency and emission intensity in key industries”. "Standards, incentives for compliance companies. Accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity, increase the elimination of yellow-label vehicles and old-fashioned automobiles, and fully complete the elimination of the backward production capacity of the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” one year ahead of schedule. To increase the quality upgrade of refined oil for vehicles, the company will fully supply four-vehicle diesel before the end of this year, which will provide a strong guarantee for the full implementation of the national standard and Adblue's full application in the commercial vehicle industry in China.

Adblue for car use by kosher will usher in explosive growth this year

Driven by the country's new policy, as is currently the largest domestic automotive manufacturers and suppliers adblue, KLS based on sales volume hit a new high last year, this year will undoubtedly usher in the explosive growth again. With the advancement of the Fourth National Standard for Commercial Vehicles to the entire country, the nationwide distribution network of Kosher is also rapidly developing.

Qin Jian, general manager of Komori said: "We will always adhere to the global ecological responsibility, and strive to build a market-leading, technology-leading high-tech enterprises. As the current leader in automotive adblue industry, we will comply with national environmental protection Policy trends, committed to the national environmental protection work, to contribute to the elimination of human "cardiopulmonary disease." We firmly believe that adblue quality car can not be copied, the service can not be copied, sales can not be copied, will continue to be the industry's most outstanding Leading company!"

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