LED bulb market companies show their magic

In 2013, the size of the home lighting market in China will reach 5,941 million US dollars, of which the LED home lighting market will reach 814 million US dollars, accounting for 24. According to 2012, the price of LED bulbs has slowed down significantly this year. And the price difference between different brands is gradually narrowing. Overall, the market is still in the integration period, and brand manufacturers are also adjusting the specifications of the old products while introducing new products.
Price: CREEVS Wal-Mart Cree upgrades XP-G2LED performance by Home Depot Supplier Award Cree announced the improvement of the energy efficiency of XP-G2LED series 7 and obtained the certification of ENERGY STAR modified lamps and won the HomeDepot supplier award.
Cree's LED has completed the necessary XP-G2LED LM-80 test for 6000 hours, and its performance exceeds the standard requirement of 7. Even at high temperature 85C operating temperature and 350mA drive current, 3000K warm white LED lamp can provide 142. Lumens per watt, which rises to 155 lumens per watt at low temperatures.
ENERGY STAR certification means that customers can get a real rebate when they purchase this luminaire, which is equivalent to the lowest price on the market at a price of less than $15 for a 60W bulb.
Wal-Mart LED bulbs break the price of $9. US retail giant Walmart has launched GreatValue's self-branded LED bulb product line and will soon reach all its stores in the US and Walmart.com, the lowest price. Less than $9.
Walmart's own brand GreatValue launched 26 LED series products to break the CREE price band, including non-dimmable, 60-watt LED bulbs (A19), priced at 8.88 US dollars, 60 watts instead of CREE, the price The $13 LED product is more intimate, with the replacement of the 60-watt dimmable LED bulb for $9.88, and the non-dimmable, 65-watt indoor projection lamp (Indoorfloodlight) priced at $14.88. The dimmed item is priced at $15.88. Wal-Mart's cruel pricing strategy for LED products means that choosing environmentally friendly products will be more affordable than ever.
Fight smart: Philips VS domestic smart lights IGOO
Philips launches ZigBee-based HueLED retrofit bulbs Philips Lighting's HueLED retrofit bulbs offer a 16-million-color LED combination and ZigBee-based adjustable white light that can be controlled via smartphones and tablets. Users can use Apple, Android smartphones or tablets to control ZigBee-based wireless networks, controlled by a data network and Internet connection at home or in the office. According to Philips, the lamp is based on ZigBee's optical Link standard concept, which allows plug-ins from lamps, dimmers, power outlets, sensors, switches and other lighting-related products from multiple vendors to interact.
The IGOO, a smart light with domestic independent intellectual property rights, can generate one trillion colors. On September 3rd, a smart light created by domestic engineers and designers and with independent intellectual property rights was released in Shanghai. The IGOO smart light uses the world's leading LED optical lighting design principle, with 64 LEDs, each LED can be independently controlled to produce one trillion colors. The whole lamp power is 80w, which can be continuously adjusted from 0 to 80W. The maximum luminous flux is 3800 lumens. The white light efficiency is equivalent to 1.5 times that of energy-saving lamps; the incandescent lamp is 6 times, which can meet the living and reading needs of 10-25 square meters. Through independent controllers, the light and darkness and color of the light can be used to compose eight kinds of light, such as living, falling asleep, wake up, dining, party, love, music, phototherapy, etc. Users can also use the controller to make and share the music.
Fighting honor: Philips VS Panasonic Philips 60WLED replacement lamp won the DOELPrize Award The US Energy Agency (DOE) recently announced that the Philips 60WLED replacement lamp won its first illuminating tomorrow's lighting competition award. Philips said it will receive a $10 million cash prize and the bulb will be delivered to commercial products in early 2012. The luminaire has been tested in the laboratory and for up to 18 months, with performance exceeding 900 lumens and over 25,000 hours of service life.
Panasonic won the red dot award Panasonic LDAHV6L27CG modern classic LED bulb this year won the red dot award, this commemorative classic 40-watt bulb LED lamp provides up to 40,000 hours of lighting. The LED light is not only a souvenir of its classic 40-watt bulb, it also provides the same clear and warm light.
Fighting quality: CreeVS Finland Greenled
Cree pushes LED bulbs with a color index of up to 93. Cree announced the launch of a LED bulb with a CRI (Color Rendering Index) of up to 93, priced at $19.97, equivalent to a 60W incandescent lamp, in addition to a The 40W version is priced at $17.97. Cree's TrueWhite sub-brand has a color rendering index of more than 90, but Cree does not use red LEDs to achieve a high color rendering index. Instead, the cerium oxide coating used inside the bulb effectively increases red and green. Spectral energy. Color temperature 2700K color temperature, Cree called soft white tone. The equivalent of a 60W bulb provides 800 lumens. Cree is rated for 25,000 hours of life and offers a 10-year warranty.
Finnish company launches Europe's most energy-efficient indoor LED lamps Finland's Greenled Company has launched an indoor LED luminaire, which is the highest in the European market. According to the company, this indoor lighting called ECOE is the first product to receive the highest level of energy saving A in Europe. Greenled luminaires can save more than 50 energy than fluorescent tube luminaires using the latest technology.
Mikko Aaltonen, CEO of Greenled, said: With intelligent LED lighting and digital control, we can save about 60-80 compared to fluorescent lamps without control.
Spelling ideas: SwitchVSGE
Switch Lighting announces its uniquely designed LED luminaires. The new bulbs designed by Switch Lighting focus on driving with inert cooling liquids, allowing LED luminaires to pass higher currents with fewer components for higher illumination. The warm white color of the lamp is 2750K and the color rendering index is 85. If it can be used for 18 hours every day for three hours, Switch claims that this 75W lamp can save $140 compared to the 75W incandescent lamp.
GE locks the red dot award last year. GE's lockable light bulb won the red dot award. The special case is designed to provide theft protection, especially in commercial properties, with a unique aesthetic appeal. The instant start light illuminates around 360 degrees with soft light, energy saving, durability and no maintenance.
to sum up:
Since the beginning of this year, the average retail price of LED bulbs replacing traditional 40W incandescent lamps has dropped by about 20, and the average retail price of LED bulbs replacing traditional 60W incandescent lamps has dropped more than 25. The rapid decline in the prices of first-line lighting brands is promoting Regional markets accelerate integration.

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