To protect the environment, please classify hazardous waste such as batteries.

According to, as the living standards of the citizens continue to improve and the awareness of environmental protection continues to increase, the harmful waste in domestic garbage is attracting more and more attention from the public. How to make hazardous garbage "safe home", let us clear the misunderstanding for everyone, blow the Yangcheng garbage classification and assembly number!

Misunderstanding 1, waste thermos, lamps are harmful garbage?

The thermos bottle itself is glass, with a thin layer of mercury, which should be classified as other garbage. Energy-saving lamps and fluorescent tubes contain mercury, which is hazardous waste, while tungsten filament bulbs are other waste. These fragile rubbish should be wrapped in newspapers and so on, and then placed in the trash can to prevent the debris from scratching the hands of the cleaning staff.

Misunderstanding 2, pencils, disposable pens, are all harmful garbage?

The pencil refill is graphite, which is harmless and belongs to other garbage. However, the main material of the disposable refill is containing volatile substances, excess ink, floating grease and other contaminants, and the metal used in the writing head is mostly heavy metal material, which is hazardous waste.

Misunderstanding 3, cosmetics, drugs belong to other garbage?

Cosmetics and medicines containing mineral oil are actually hazardous waste. If we want to discard expired or used cosmetics and medicines, we should put them into hazardous rubbish bins together with their packaging materials to avoid mixing into other types of garbage and pollute the environment.

Myth 4, all batteries are hazardous waste?

Dry batteries such as No. 1, No. 5, No. 7 used daily do not contain toxic or hazardous substances. However, lead batteries , lithium batteries for electric products, battery batteries for electric vehicles, and nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries still need to be recycled. They can be placed in battery recycling bins set up in communities, hotels, schools, large supermarkets, etc. Garbage bins are collected by professional recycling agencies.

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