Led outdoor mobile advertising car screen how to distinguish between good and bad

When demanders are buying LED outdoor mobile advertising vehicles, because the most important medium in advertising is the quality of LED display, and this quality issue is closely related to the effectiveness of publicity, so in the purchase of LED outdoor mobile advertising vehicles to identify LED The quality of the frequency screen is also very important.


1. The flatness of the surface of the LED screen of the LED outdoor mobile advertising vehicle needs to be within plus or minus one millimeter, so that the displayed image will not be distorted. And, if there is a local recessed bulge appearing on the LED screen, it causes or causes a blind angle in the visible angle of the LED display screen. Therefore, the LED flatness of outdoor LED advertising vehicles is also related to the manufacturer's process.

2, LED outdoor mobile advertising vehicles in the outdoor full-color screen brightness can be guaranteed to be more than 1500cd/m2, so as to ensure that the LED display can have a normal working environment, if the brightness is too low will cause the image to be blurred Unclear. The brightness of the screen is closely related to the LED die.

3, LED display color reproducibility is the display of the degree of color reduction, that is when the LED outdoor display advertising LED display color is to play the source side of the color Can maintain a corresponding degree of consistency, so as to be able to restore the realism of the image.


4. The mosaic should be understood by everyone. At the same time, the small black box that appears in the display screen of the LED outdoor mobile advertising vehicle, that is, the module has a situation of necrosis. The main cause is the quality of the connectors used in the LED display. The dead point means that there is a single black point in the LED display. This is directly related to the quality of the die.

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