What are the requirements of the car charging station specification?

The car station is believed to have been seen by everyone. The most taboo inside is the appearance of flammable products. Gasoline is a flammable product and it will explode upon contact with the fire source. The consequences of the explosion are disastrous. Therefore, the completion of gas stations has all the required standards. Car charging stations are similar to gas stations and must be inspected before they are put into use. If they meet the standards, they can be provided to consumers. The main equipment of a car charging station is a charging pile. The charging pile is a charging tool for electric vehicles. There are also regulatory requirements for establishing the selected location of the charging station, and the size of the establishment of the charging station also depends on the specific circumstances.


First of all. The amount of power provided by the charging station every day is limited, and the energy capacity provided by the different specifications of the battery's savings capacity is limited. The location of the charging station should be close to the city road, but not in the busy city road. The location selected by the charging station should be flat and wide, and at the same time it should prevent rain or direct sunlight in the rain. Secondly, guard bars should be installed near the charging stations of electric vehicles, and notices should be posted on the obvious positions of charging stations. In order to avoid timely rescue in case of fire, equipment for automatic fire alarms is installed. Each parking station or charging station will have its own parking lane and lane. The driver will drive as required. Finally, each charging station must be field-tested after its completion. The site of acceptance includes all the facilities of the electric vehicle charging station.

The establishment of an electric vehicle charging station has the same requirements as a gas station. Each charging station is set up from planning to completion and acceptance. Each link must be strictly controlled. The establishment of a car charging station must be carried out in accordance with the regulations, so that it is safe enough and the probability of an accident can also be reduced.

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