Gold Cup 7-seat commercial vehicle, a practical commercial vehicle model

Our impression of the Gold Cup is that many of them remain in the golden cup van stage. In fact, the Gold Cup also has commercial vehicles. The Gold Cup 7-seat commercial vehicle is a typical and practical commercial vehicle. This commercial vehicle is moderately priced, but it is a good choice to better meet the needs of customers at all levels.


First, from the perspective of the use of the vehicle. The 7-seat van of the Golden Cup has a very large space, which is a very good choice for riding or transporting goods and can meet the needs of larger carrying capacity. The last row of seats in the vehicle can be hidden under the floor, thus increasing the storage space. The trunk and the space for the ride are linked together so that the practical functions of the vehicle can be better utilized. It is not only able to carry people, but also able to carry things. For rural entrepreneurs, or urban distribution is a versatile and versatile business car. Jinbei 7-seat commercial vehicle continues the good style of the Golden Cup car, giving full play to its practicability.

Second, from the aspect of vehicle maintenance. Although the Golden Cup 7-seat commercial vehicle is a commercial vehicle, its maintenance is not as “cute” as other commercial vehicles. This commercial vehicle is very durable, the vehicle itself is relatively high, from the power system to the overall structure of the exterior to the interior of the seat, etc., reliable quality and excellent performance. In the same type of commercial vehicle with shipping function, it is a commercial vehicle with strong durability. In addition, the appearance of the 7-seat commercial vehicle of Jinbei is made of light steel, which is characterized by good resistance to corrosion and bumping. Overall, the maintenance of the vehicle is more convenient.

Third, from the perspective of the ease of operation of the vehicle. Jinbei 7-seat commercial vehicles are also relatively simple to operate, have a small size, and have strong adaptability to the environment, and are energy-saving and emission-reducing. The vehicle safety measures are relatively complete. From the outside bumpers and airbags to the internal soft materials and shock absorption equipment, this car provides very considerate safety protection measures for drivers and occupants. You can get the best experience while driving this car!

TNB Breaker Chisels

TNB Breaker Chisels

Hydraulic breaker hammer chisel tool features:

1.Good quality material

Many kinds of steel can be made to hydraulic breaker hammer chisel tool. But different material means different quality. We choose the most competitive but very good material SCM440 as the standard material. This materail is higher strength, good toughness,and it can stand continue impacting.

2.Good qulity steel from top reputation steel factory

Even same steel code from different factories, the steel quality also has big difference. We are always getting the good material from top reputation factory to make sure our hydraulic breaker hammer chisel tool are longer working life.

3.Different heattreatment

Except the raw material, heattratment is another fatal point to a good quality hydraulic breaker hammer chisel tool. We use salt-bath furnace in house with longer time to make use the material is penetration for longer working life.

4.Longer working life with lower failure case

With good material and heattreatment way, it makes our hydraulic breaker hammer chisel too

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