Import truck crane purchase points

Need to import truck crane industry more, some businesses would rather spend money, but also hope that they can buy the best truck crane, and now there are many domestic agents, directly through the other's official website you can buy genuine, It also protects our rights and interests. However, after all, imported vehicles, we have to take into account the purchase of many factors, the brand's comparison is indispensable, here's a brief introduction for everyone to pay attention to what are the points.


Note one to see if it meets our needs. The same is the import truck crane, but whether the performance in line with our requirements, and even whether the operation is standardized, whether relatively simple are all we need to consider. After all, many imported cranes may be all English systems. If we can't meet our requirements, or if we don't know how to do it, it's easy to have more serious problems. Therefore, we must make sure that this is done in advance.

Note two, is it really an imported brand? The so-called imported cranes are most likely to be assembled in China. The practicality of the cranes is still unknown, and it is not necessarily an imported crane. Therefore, we should be able to determine whether the imported truck cranes we are looking for are really genuine products, and whether the agents have some corresponding agency rights. It is important to make a comparison through the network carefully. Selecting the genuine product will ensure that it will not be affected.

Note three, what are the after-sales service contents? Many imported truck cranes may not have professional after-sales service in the country. We must ask the agents to help us handle the problems of after-sales service. Therefore, it is better to be able to clearly identify what kind of services the other party can provide to us before buying. It is best to be able to sign agreements so that we can protect the rights of both of us. Services can be guaranteed, such a professional brand crane, is our first choice, there are quality assurance.

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