Take a look at the doorway to wading

When our car is immersed in rain, how can we claim insurance to get the maximum compensation? First of all, we need to know what conditions are met to get a claim. Isn't it necessary to worry about buying a wading insurance? Will the facts be lost? In fact, the facts are not what we imagined! In the scope of insurance claims, it is clearly written: “The wading insurance is only for the insurance of the auto engine itself and the external parts of the engine body (only the engine), and many people are It is thought that vehicles wading to compensate the whole vehicle, such as gearboxes, other auto parts do not pay "is not it feel overlord?


If the vehicle damage is not compensated how to do:

Pull out your insurance policy, find the car damage clause, and see the little partners? The vehicle damage clause has clearly stated the categories of vehicle damage claims: In addition to irresistible factors such as warfare, flood, etc. Indemnity, then why can't I claim compensation for the damage to the body caused by heavy rain?

All the parts that are soaked in water are compensated! However, it is necessary to collect evidence of the local weather conditions on the day (like the local newspapers, information from the meteorological observatory is acceptable).

Secondary damage to the engine is not settled:

First, on the wading road, the water level is relatively comparable, the engine's air intake system has not passed, or water has flown into the car's air intake system, causing the car to go out and drove into the water. . Lost control out of water is payable.

Secondly, if the car is turned off after the water enters the water and the engine is turned off, the insurance company's young man will explore it, and it will be out of flame and fire again. Basically all the valves will be broken, and the piston will be Breakdown, the internal engine will be scrapped. In this case, the insurance company will not pay compensation.

Then how to identify is not the second start it? In fact, no way to identify, because the engine is flooding slowly inhaled, the first intake is the engine's air, water, so that the engine can not be caused by normal combustion, knock, direct It will damage the top valve bend of the engine, so as long as you insist on not admitting that there is a second start action, who then you have no alternative, huh, huh! Insurance companies how to pay or how to pay, is to fight the court is the insurance company compensation.

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