Why 8 tons of car crane prices are different

Before buying an 8-ton car crane, everyone definitely will have an overall assessment of the price. After all, the price of the truck crane is not too low, and the cost of keeping a car is also very high, so everyone also hopes to buy it. Can enjoy a certain discount, will pay special attention to the overall price comparison of different brands of cranes. There are many brands of cranes on the market, and each one may have a different specific offer. When we choose, we certainly hope that prices will be lower, but we must also consider how the overall performance is, and whether it meets our requirements. What is the reason for this price difference?


In fact, as long as everyone wants to buy 8 tons of car cranes, it will definitely compare their prices, and most consumers are also willing to buy the brand's 8-ton car crane. The same are all cranes, but the quality and performance are different, and the prices cannot be the same. Everyone has a clear price difference. After all, the materials used in high-quality vehicles must be considered in many aspects, and even pass the corresponding inspections by manufacturers and countries before they can be qualified. From this point of view, its cost price is very high, and it is impossible to have an ultra-low price. Even the domestic cranes are the same, the quality is better, and the price is bound to be slightly higher.

But now there are many 8-ton car crane brands that are starting to have some preferential activities, but such a policy cannot make the overall offer lower than the cost price. In addition, the overall price of the cranes is now reduced, and the pressure of market competition is even greater. The preferential policies of some big brands are already quite good, and the price can also allow us to save more. If it is possible to directly cooperate with manufacturers, the prices of purchased vehicles are all factory direct sales, without the participation of middlemen, and prices are naturally more affordable. Therefore, the purchase of such cranes is to take into account the comprehensive factors, to ensure the most cost-effective and practical.

Reno Mattress

Gabion mattresses are used for river bank and scour protection, channel linings for erosion control, and embankment stability. They are filled with rock at the project site to form flexible, permeable, monolithic structures to promote rapid growth of natural vegetation. The base section of the Gabion mattress is divided into compartments and filled with stones at the project site. With lids secured, Gabion mattresses form flexible, permeable, monolithic structures.


Low maintenance.

Simple assembly and filling, no need for qualified labour.

Filling is available in direct proximity.

Foundation work not necessary, only a place surface on a sustainable ground is needed.

Reno Mattress support the natural bank vegetataion and integrates naturally in the surrounding landscape

Packaging Details

1. Nude package,compacted before packaging.

2. Plastic packaging outside and on the pallet.

3 .Customized.according to the customers' requirment.

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