Rising raw material prices are inevitable export products need to raise prices properly

Lu Jianhua, Assistant Minister of Commerce of the People's Republic of China, attended the Canton Fair a few days ago and stated that with the gradual recovery of global market demand, rising raw material prices will be an inevitable trend. Faced with the changes in the market caused by the financial crisis, the cost pressures of Chinese foreign trade companies will increase, and export products need to raise prices appropriately.
Lu Jianhua said: "This year's trade fair data for the first phase of the Autumn Fair has risen sharply compared with the Spring Fair, but compared with last year's Autumn Fair that has been affected by the financial crisis, it has dropped 5.3% year-on-year. It seems that the signal of economic recovery is obvious, but the basis for warming up If it is stable, we must continue to observe."
Lu Jianhua said that to encourage innovation and encourage brand creation, we must ensure that good companies, good exhibits, and good brands enter the Canton Fair. Many exhibitors in this year have accelerated the pace of innovation and R&D, and the exhibits have been updated quickly. Most companies are making efforts in the aspects of design, materials, and colors to make products more competitive.
In response to the current international market situation, Lu Jianhua said that when the financial crisis is seriously affected, it should emphasize market protection, share protection, and protection of enterprises. Now that the global market is picking up, Chinese companies have new products and complicated materials. We must raise prices appropriately. According to the changes in the market, it is necessary to cope with the risk of large-scale material prices starting to rise, leaving room for future development.
He also appealed that Chinese foreign trade companies should pay more attention to the development of the domestic trade market. He said that enterprises should face both international and domestic markets and establish both markets. Whether they are doing foreign trade or doing domestic trade, they should do the market.

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