Instrumentation Industry Development Trend

The overall level of the industry has improved, and breakthroughs have been achieved in some key areas. In general, it reached the level of the early 1980s in the late 1980s. 40% of products have been digitized and reached the level of the end of the 1980s; about 15% of products have achieved intelligence. To reach the international level of the 1990s. The varieties are relatively complete and have a certain set of capabilities: they can undertake 30--600,000 kilowatts of thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, 300,000 tons of synthetic ammonia, 120 tons of converters, 300,000 cubic meters of city gas station projects, and large-scale projects such as large-scale furnaces and kilns. Complete control project. Scientific test equipment: The market satisfaction rate of medium-to-high end products is about 35%, and the middle and low grades are about 65%. Process measurement control instruments and systems: The variety satisfaction rate of large-scale engineering projects is 50%, 70% for medium and small scale projects.

Domestic enterprises already own the independent intellectual property rights of the decentralized control system of representative high-tech products in the field of industrial automation. Their output, output value, sales revenue, and order acceptance volume have surpassed those of well-known companies in China. The domestically produced system has already had competitive strength in the 300,000 ç“© and below thermal power unit and other application fields with considerable level of control, and it has entered the 600,000 PFOE project for the first time. The typical performances are: XDPS-400 distributed control system of Shanghai Xinhua Control Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. competes with numerous domestic and foreign famous brands DCS, winning the bid for the first phase of Guizhou Pannan (Xiangshui) Power Plant 4x600MW. Two 600MW units in the unit. This is the first time China-made DCS enters the 600MW large-scale thermal power unit, breaking the situation that the DCS market of domestic 600MW units was dominated by imported DCS. This also indicates that the domestic DSC has reached the international advanced level.

In April-May 2004, Hollysys successfully won the bid for the 300t/d bleached wheat straw and pupa slurry in Shandong Zhanhua Beijing Bo Ecological Paper Co., Ltd., China's largest production line: continuous cooking, washing, bleaching, evaporation, combustion and causticizing. Control System, Shandong Huatai Paper Co., Ltd. 2 2640/550 Culture Paper Machines DCS Control System and Qingdao Haiwang Paper Co., Ltd. 3600/450 Culture Paper Machines DCS Control System, Foreign DCS has formed in the paper industry control system for many years The industry monopoly was broken in one fell swoop. The DCS system project of Zhejiang University of Technology Zhejiang Zhongzi Integrated Control Co., Ltd. has made outstanding contributions in the domestic petrochemical industry. A series of successful applications such as Asia's largest continuous reforming unit and a large-scale polymerization facility with monitoring and control points exceeding 3,000 points indicate that ZDC has established an absolute dominant position in the domestic petrochemical industry.

(6) Industry characteristics and trends:
1. Characteristics · Wide range of applications, variety. It covers many areas of national economy such as industrial and agricultural production, scientific research, national defense construction, culture, education and health. There are 13 categories of products, 145 subcategories, more than 800 series, and 16,000 varieties, accounting for about 1/4 of the machinery industry.
Knowledge-intensive, technology-intensive, multidisciplinary complex.
· "Three highs and three lows": high technology, high input, high output; low energy consumption, low material consumption, low pollution.
· Product performance characteristics: high precision, high sensitivity, high reliability, high environmental adaptability; production features are mostly multi-species, small quantities.
· Sensitive to new technologies, faster replacement.

2. Main development trends of international instrumentation:
Digitalization, intelligence, networking, and miniaturization.
·Intensification of mergers and reorganizations, and the trend of large-scale instrument companies entering more powerful integrated industrial groups is evident.
· Multinational corporations have accelerated their strategy for China and entered the "third stage" of building wholly-owned production companies and holding investment companies and merging Chinese superior enterprises.

3, China's instrumentation industry, features and trends, complete categories, a certain industry base, in developing countries, is "upstream", and the gap between developed countries and obvious.
·Responsibility, mechanism, economic and scientific and technological level, management, talents, and other constraints, companies are “multiple, scattered, and weak”, scientific research and development capacity is not strong, product stability and reliability are in disparity, and high-end and mid-range products appear in the market. Foreign-funded and import-oriented, middle- and low-end products are dominated by Chinese-funded enterprises, and due to the comparative advantages of market size, labor costs, and industry base, some large-scale products will become major producers and exporters.
· The rapid development of foreign-funded enterprises, rapid development of private enterprises, state-owned enterprises are in a difficult position, the gap between different types of economic enterprises widened, specific indicators are listed below:

In general, the industry is developing upward. Except for foreign-funded enterprises, the highlights of Chinese-funded enterprises are concentrated in private enterprises with a certain scale and strength, a few state-owned enterprises that have achieved effective reforms, and high-tech companies established by universities and scientific research institutions.

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