Sh-298 16*6-8 Top Trust Solid Industrial Forklift Tyre (16*6-8)

Model NO.: SH-298 16*6-8
Material: Solid
Weight: 16GS
Pattern Depth: 10-17mm
Loading Capacity: More Than 3000kgs
Country of Origin: Mainland China
Quantity: 1000 PCS for a 20gp
Trademark: TOP TRUST
Transport Package: Each Set Wrapped with Plastic Paper
Specification: 28*9-15 825-15 700-15 650-10
Origin: China (Mainland)
HS Code: 40119300
Solid Tyre 16*6-8 For Forklift is the most popular pattern from TOP TRUST tyre factory-QINGDAO WANGYU RUBBER Co., Ltd (, selling to more than 55 countries for over 18 year.

Size: 825-15TT, 825-12TT, 28*9-15TT, 750-15TT, 700-12TT, 700-9TT, 650-10TT, 600-9TT, 500-8TT
        MAX LOADING (KGS) OtherIndustrial
 SIZE                RIM WIDTH DIAMETER 10km/h 16km/h 25km/h 16km/h
    (mm) (mm) Load Pressure Load Pressure Load Pressure Load
5.00-8 3.00D 126 469 1210 970 1175 880 1095 820 840
18*7-8     (180/70-8) 4.33R 154 457 2350 1880 2265 1700 2110 1585 1620
6.00-9 4.00E 140 545 1920 1535 1855 1390 1730 1295 1325
6.50-10 5.00F 157 597 2840 2110 2545 1910 2370 1780 1820
7.00-9 5.00S 170 578 2370 2015 2805 1925 2370 1750 1785
7.00-12 5.00S 168 683 3015 2410 2910 2185 2710 2035 2075
8.25-12 6.5 206 735 3326 2660 3215 2410 2995 2245 2295
8.15-15(28*9-15)(225/75-15) 7 207 706 4090 3270 3945 2960 3675 2755 2820
8.25-15 6.5 205 847 4940 3950 4765 3575 4440 3330 3045
1. Broad applicability, suitable for heavy dump trucks,scrapers, and loaders under various conditions.
2. Excellent heat and wearing resistance and strong traction due to the special tread and rubber formula and strong carcass design.
3. Widly used as durable tyres in various mines and construction sites.
Sh-298 16*6-8 Top Trust Solid Industrial Forklift Tyre (16*6-8)

 Sh-298 16*6-8 Top Trust Solid Industrial Forklift Tyre (16*6-8)
Advantage of our factory
1. Factory established in 1996, 18 years tyre production and export experience.
2. Specialized in Agricultural tyres, OTR tyres, Industrial tyres, TBB tyres, LTB tyres, inner tube and flaps.
3. Covering an area of 88,000 sqm
4.Total number of employees:620      professionals:78
5. Export volume: >100 HC per month 
6. Main market: Europe, America, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa
7.Certificate: DOT  ISO9001:2008    CCC
8. 9 year ALIBABA international approvals
9. 2 year Made-in-China and Global Sources B2B experience
10. Best OEM Service, APOLLO, DOUBLE STAR, etc.

We are QINGDAO WANGYU RUBBER CO., LTD. The factory is located in Qingdao, Shandong, China, with 18 years tyre production experience of 100,000 sqm and RMB 96 million fixed assets. There are over 620 workers, 78 professionals included. Also, the factory is equipped with advance production and quality check equipment.
  With 8 series and over 200 sizes of tyres, tubes and flaps, the monthly export volume has exceeded 110*40HQ. Now, we have exported to over 55 countries, with 15 agents in different countries. The brands are TOP TRUST, ALL WIN and SUNNINESS, OEM brand is also accepted, APOLLO and DOUBLE STAR included, all certified by DOT, ISO9001, CCC and BV, SGS testified. 

We employ experienced engineer to check each tyre, tube and flap before loading. So each product is flawless.
Packing advantage: We offer free package for each tyre. Plastic paper for smaller tyre and woven bag for bigger ones.

Sh-298 16*6-8 Top Trust Solid Industrial Forklift Tyre (16*6-8)
This is the loading process.  We promise to make full use of the container and each loading process will be photographed. And the packing is free.  Sh-298 16*6-8 Top Trust Solid Industrial Forklift Tyre (16*6-8)

Our market
1) South-East Asia: Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia,
2) Middle-East: Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Yemen
3) Africa: Egypt, Libya, Angola, Algeria, Ethiopia, Guenia, Zambia, South Africa, Kenya...
4) North America: USA, Canada, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, Trinidad & Tabago...
5) South America: Venezuela, Paraguay, Colombia, Chile, Brazil, Bolivia, Ecuador...
6) Others: Russia, Servia, Czech, Fiji, Haiti, Spain, Italy

Below are the best selling products.
OTR tyres: L-3, L-5 and G-2 series, with tube and tubeless ones.
Industrial tyres: Inflated and Solid forklift tyres, L-2 skid steer/ bobcat tyre, R4 tubeless tyre,
R3 road roller tyre.
Agricultural tyres: R-1 tractor tyre, F2 direction tyre, F3 and I-1 implement tyre.
TBB: all sizes of truck and bus bias tyres
LTB: all sizes of light truck bias tyres
Tube: natural rubber and butyl ones for all sizes
Flap: all sizes of flaps are available.

Sh-298 16*6-8 Top Trust Solid Industrial Forklift Tyre (16*6-8)

Quality management, production line, factory, tyre exhibition and loading.
We are Premier member of Alibaba and Made-in-China.
Besides, we go to many tyre exhibitions at home and abroad.
At home: Spring and Autumn Canton Fair, twice Shanghai Tyre exhibition, Guangrao and Qingdao Tyre Exhibition.
Abroad: Equip Auto in Alger, Algeria (March), Sao Paolo Tyre show in April, Dubai Automechanica in June, Panama Latin American Tyre show in July, Las Vegas SEMA show in November.

Sh-298 16*6-8 Top Trust Solid Industrial Forklift Tyre (16*6-8)

For more information, please feel free to contact me. Here is the details
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Qingdao Wangyu Rubber CO.LTD
Mob: 0086-13206425532
Tel: 0086-532-85938508   
Fax: 0086-532-85938328

Brief Introduction & Working Principle --Centrifugal Sifter
The screen holder is placed inside the machine. Bulk materials mixed with airflow and atomization pass the Screw Conveyor device, enter the screen holder. The undersize materials are sprayed through the screen cloth and discharged from the outlet under the action of centrifugal force and the cyclone propelling power, which caused by the blade inside the net tube. The oversize material, which can not cross the screen cloth, is discharged from the rough material outlet along the inside surface of the tube.
Cantilevered design and twin screen holder design are available.
*Very smart but large capacity for light materials(such as starch,flour,lime powder,etc.)
*Mesh size should not be higher than 325 mesh
*No oversize end bearings or seals Hinged oversize end door. 
*Easy to remove screen and screen retainer Hygienic design sifting screen. 
*The sifter can be stripped down for cleaning without the need for specialist assistance.
*Full sealing makes this machine dust proof.
*No transmitted vibration.
*Easy to inspect and/or clean No tools required for screen, paddle and screw removal. 

*Sanitary design and fast disassembly without tools

Warranty & after sales service
Our machines have an automatic 12 months guarantee against faulty material and workmanship valid from the date of dispatch in China or date of arrival at foreign border.
If any problem of the machine under instruction within one year,we are responsible for replacement incuding delivery fee and maintenance.
Lifelong service is offered with cost charge after one year. 

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Air Flow Sifter

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