·In 2017, China's lithium-ion battery market will reach 82.18GWH

According to the latest data, in March 2017, China's lithium-ion battery production was 757 million, an increase of 45.3% year-on-year; cumulative output in January-March reached 1.92 billion, a cumulative increase of 35.2%.
It is reported that the output of major downstream products such as mobile phones and electric vehicles has shown rapid growth in different degrees, driving the demand for lithium-ion battery in China to soar in the past two years, reversing the trend of continuous decline in the growth rate of lithium-ion battery production, and the power battery has gradually become The leading force in the growth of the lithium battery industry. The data shows that the market for lithium-ion batteries in China is expected to reach 82.18GWH by 2017, and the compound growth rate will be 25% in the next three years.

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