Zoomlion independently researched and developed HZN180 tube pile mixing station

A few days ago, the HZN180 tube pile mixing station independently researched and developed by Zoomlion was installed offline and successfully completed at the Hankow Industrial Park of Zoomlion. The test results show that the HZN180 tube pile mixing station fully meets the design goals, the structure is reasonable, and the mixing performance is superior.
HZN180 pipe pile mixing station is a new type of product developed by the company with market orientation. It adopts the existing mature mixing station main building structure, adds a material distribution system suitable for production of pipe pile products, greatly reduces the research and development cycle and R&D costs of the entire main building, and ensures the reliability of the entire main building structure. The particularity of the new product. In addition, the main unit of the pipe pile mixing station adopts the vertical axis planetary mixing main machine commonly used on the current market for pipe pile products. This main engine has certain advantages in terms of the homogeneity of stirring, the mixing efficiency, and the convenience of maintenance.
The in-plant concrete ramming test mainly tests the structural design, operating conditions and mixing efficiency of the new product. The test results prove that the design of the mixing plant is reasonable and all the performance indicators in the operation process meet the design requirements. According to the mixing ratio and mixing time of the design requirements, the test was conducted. After the test, the homogeneity of the test concrete was tested and found that all the parameters reached and exceeded the national industry standards, greatly satisfying the market demand. The establishment of a market for joint pipe piles laid a solid foundation. (This article comes from Zoomlion Concrete Machinery Company)
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