Zhu Huarong: Chang'an is going to internationalize in the future

Zhu Huarong: Chang'an is going to internationalize in the future Chang'an Automobile is the second time to participate in the Frankfurt Motor Show, but there are also media questioned whether there is a suspect in the catwalk. According to these questions, Zhu Zhu stated that internationalization is a process that Chinese car manufacturers cannot avoid. The participation of Chinese automobile manufacturers in the Frankfurt Motor Show is accompanied by the internationalization of Chinese cars. Today's world has become more and more integrated. Chinese auto manufacturers need to provide consumers with world-quality products. In this context, the participation of Chinese auto makers in the international auto show will be the norm.

At the same time participating in the auto show is appearance, but also learning. China is moving toward internationalization. The Frankfurt Motor Show should become a regular motor show for Chinese manufacturers. Through the auto show, the world will know more about Chinese cars. At the same time, this is also a process of learning and learning for Chinese cars.

Changan's first midsize SUV CS75 debut
At the Frankfurt Motor Show this year, Changan brought three product lines to show off the heavyweight models in the three product lines. Among the sedan series, there is a high-performance sports coupe named Chisun XT, which has recently been listed in the country as the "most beautiful hatchback," and Changan's first mid-to-high-class sedan. In the area of ​​hybrids, Changan Automobile has brought Changle's second-generation hybrid sedan Hybird. In the SUV series, not only is the SUV CS35, which ranks among China's top 10 SUVs, Changan Automobile also brought its first midsize SUV CS75. As the key promotion model of Changan Automobile next year, the CS75 will also be launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Regarding the future SUV model planning of Changan Automobile, Zhu said that following the introduction of the CS35, the city's first small-scale SUV, Changan will also launch CS75, CS95 and other series of SUV models, which will comprehensively cover the mid-size and large SUV markets and constantly improve the product lineage. Changan Automobile CS series is a full range of SUV series, and will also provide Chinese consumers with a more comprehensive and complete SUV experience.

Chinese brand auto companies should seek breakthrough

From January to August this year, Changan Automobile produced 1.338 million vehicles, an increase of 23.5% over the same period of last year, and sales of 1.332 million vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 20.7%. In January-August, the production and sales of passenger cars in Changan reached 317,000 units, an increase of 83.6% year-on-year, and the growth rate ranked first in the industry. As for how Chinese auto companies seek breakthroughs, Zhu said that the trend in the world today is integration. To realize the rise of Chinese autos, it is necessary to resolutely implement the national strategy of “openness and autonomy”, adhere to the laws of industry, and follow the path of independent innovation. . The second is to use open mindedness, look globally, and integrate and utilize globally advantageous resources. The rise of Chinese automobiles will be the rise of "the world's outstanding resources are for our own use"; it is the rise of openness; and it is the rise of "China's power into the world and becoming an indispensable part of the world's automobiles."

With the vision and height of globalization, build the product power of the company. Chang'an is proud of this. The earliest global R&D system embodies this level of thinking. Specific to the product, to form the Chinese car's own DNA, including the brand image, design language, technical advantages. Product quality and service are the survival of Chinese brands. It is impossible to lose reliable product quality and services in the growth of any international automobile brand. The achievement of the Changan Automobile is also inseparable from the joint venture product benchmarking and the international quality standard. Build a strategic partnership that supports global development and seek global development;

Changan Focuses on Overseas Business Development CS75 Overseas is Listed in Latin America

China’s largest auto market has attracted the attention of the whole world. In a few short years, the Chinese auto industry has developed rapidly. Today, almost all large multinational automobile groups have established joint venture plants in China, and Chang’an auto product technology is also in line with international standards. . The Latin American market is an important strategic market for Changan overseas, and Changan Automobile also has excellent partners in the region. Through these partners, Changan has put in many competitive models to meet the needs of the market. In 2013, Changan Automobile will achieve 62% growth in Latin America, of which the Chilean market will grow by 78%.

Regarding the specific layout of Changan Automobile in Latin America, Zhu Chang introduced that Changan has established a commercial vehicle production line with local partners in Paraguay and has already achieved mass production. This production line is also Paraguay’s history as the first automobile production line. At the same time, Changan is studying plans for investment in Brazil. There is also great potential in the Colombian market. Changan intends to increase investment in the market. The Chilean market will achieve a year-on-year increase of 78%. It is expected to increase by 56% in 2014 and plans to achieve CS75's listing in Chile in the third quarter of 2014.

In addition, Changan is studying a unified branding plan throughout Latin America. Due to the language and cultural background of individual countries, CHAIA and CHANGAN may be ambiguous. Therefore, Changan Automobile is working with partners to study the culture of the region and plan brand building.

To enter the European or North American automotive market in 2020

It will grow into an internationally competitive and respected car brand in 2014-2020. In 2020, it will initially have the basic characteristics of a world-class automotive company. In 2020, a global manufacturing, sales and service network covering emerging economies and major developing countries will be formed. In 2020, it will enter the European or North American automotive market. Layout the world and accelerate the construction of overseas bases. Built 3+1 overseas manufacturing base: Brazil, Iran, Russia, right rudder, and radiation around. In-depth market, intensive cultivation. Create six key marketing markets in Algeria, Chile, Iraq, Peru, Colombia and Ukraine.

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