·Tencent Foxconn Harmony Joint Car Project further announces business leaders

Harmony Futeng Internet Plus Smart Electric Vehicle Company (hereinafter referred to as “Harmony Futeng”) announced the head of its “Internet + Smart Electric Vehicle” company, Dr. Carsten Breitfeld will serve as CEO of the company, Dr. Dai Lei (Dr. Daniel Kirchert) will serve as chief operating officer. The two managements will immediately start the operation of the company after they arrive.
Harmony Futeng is an innovative investment platform jointly established by China Harmony New Energy Automobile Holdings Co., Ltd., Hon Hai Group (Foxconn Parent Company) and Tencent Group through their respective affiliated entities. “Internet + Smart Electric Vehicle” is the core strategy of the platform. Projects and independent companies aim to develop future-oriented personal travel solutions, shape high-end brands from China and the world, and provide consumers with a smart, enjoyable and eco-friendly driving experience. The three investors will play their respective advantageous resources and make long-term and continuous investment to achieve the above vision.
Dr. Bi Fukang holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and is a leading expert in the development of electric vehicles worldwide. Dr. Bi Fukang has worked in the BMW Group headquarters for 20 years and has held various senior management positions in chassis development, transmission system development and product strategy. Since 2010, he has been the director of the BMW Group's new generation of electric supercar i8 project, becoming the world. The main brain of the epoch-making flagship model of the automotive industry. Through the introduction of a revolutionary development process, Dr. Bi Kangkang led the team to realize the success of the i8 model in 2014, which is significantly superior to traditional automotive products in terms of product performance, materials, technological innovation and R&D speed. Driven by Dr. Bi Fukang, the i8 model also introduced innovative sales and customer experience mechanisms.
Dr. Dai Lei is one of the top executives in China's luxury automotive industry with extensive experience in sales, operations and branding. He is also recognized as the “China Connect” in the industry. Dr. Dai Lei previously served as General Manager of Dongfeng Infiniti Automobile Co., Ltd. and Senior Vice President of Marketing of BMW Brilliance Automotive Co., Ltd., and the relevant brands have set a sales growth record in the luxury car market during their tenure, and also created in branding and marketing. A number of benchmarking cases. Dr. Dai Lei also has deep experience in product strategy, sales network development and joint venture formation and operation.
Dr. Bi Fukang and Dr. Dai Lei will take up the position of Harmony Futeng "Internet + Smart Electric Vehicle" after leaving their previous positions. Dr. Bi Fukang and Dr. Dai Lei will also be the business partners of the company and members of the company's board of directors. The two will meet with the media after taking office and discuss the strategic planning and business-specific information and media of “Internet + smart electric vehicles”. Public communication.

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