Strength recommendation, together to understand the Dongfeng Cummins ISZ engine in the old driver's mouth

In the card circle, there is a hobby of AC fuel consumption. It is not a good comparison, but a good channel for learning and exchanging experience and technology. It also allows the card friends to have a deeper understanding of the engine performance of each brand. In frequent communication, the Cummins engine has built a good reputation with excellent quality and performance. Master Chen of Zhejiang came to admire him and became a Kang powder. Now he has to express his voice aloud.

Dongfeng Cummins ISZ engine Dongfeng Cummins ISZ engine

Master Chen recalled that when he chose the car, he was hesitant, and he took a look at various performance parameters. He had to consult an experienced driver. The most recommended is the Cummins engine, which many chefs consider to be extremely durable, durable and fuel efficient. In terms of horsepower, the master gave 520 horsepower according to the route that Master Chen wanted to run and the type of cargo to be pulled.

Although I was suspicious in my heart, I saw everyone recommend it. After Chen’s test drive, he introduced a tractor that matched the Cummins ISZ 520 horsepower engine. When the car arrived home, it received an order and the first day of the first flight to Taizhou. All the way down, Master Chen has a real feeling for everyone's praise, the dynamic performance is indeed very good, just after the running-in period, the fuel consumption is very low. Thought of the fuel consumption performance during the running-in period, Master Chen is full of confidence, and every time he is on the road, he is full of energy.

Now Master Chen is working for each express logistics company. During the double 12 period, the support of the express delivery, Cummins ISZ engine efficient and stable performance did not delay anything. At the same time, Master Chen also carefully calculated the fuel consumption during this period. When the total weight of the car was 28.8 tons, the fuel consumption in the most fuel-efficient section was controlled at 28.5 liters. This fuel consumption performance has ushered in the praise of many card friends.

Tractor with Dongfeng Cummins ISZ engine Tractor with Dongfeng Cummins ISZ engine

Master Chen, the tractor that matches the Cummins ISZ engine, has passed the running-in period. He is now dare to pick up any work, and dare to go anywhere, not afraid of the mountains. The proud Master Chen always said: "Be sure to find a chance to run the Sichuan-Tibet line, let the 13-liter displacement of the ISZ engine, 520 horsepower, and the peak torque of 2460 Nm are released!"

The real master Chen, from the Cummins ISZ engine has achieved tangible benefits, and now always recommend the Cummins engine to the new brothers. Because Master Chen knows the hard work and pressure of being a cargo driver. It is okay to help the novices and let them take less detours. In the same year, they also accepted the old driver's blessings, and they could form the good relationship with Cummins.

Reading volume: Source: Cummins DCEC Author: Cold autumn

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