Stone coal machine won the first prize of science and technology of China Coal Industry Association

Recently, the research achievements of the “Tunnelling Machine Remote Control Technology and Monitoring System” jointly developed by China University of Mining and China Coal Group Equipment Company, Suizhong Energy Group, and Shimeiji Corporation won the 2012 China Coal Industry Association Science and Technology Award. The research results achieved the remote automation, intelligent control and monitoring of the roadheader, provided complete technical support for the construction of the high-profile surface, and enabled China's mining equipment technology to reach the international advanced level.
The “Tunnelling Machine Remote Control Technology and Monitoring System” R&D project is the first national 863 “key project in the field of coal electromechanical equipment manufacturing in China. This project is based on the key technology of remote monitoring and control of the roadheader, and focuses on the research of coal roadway cantilever The remote monitoring and control technology of the visual equipment for tunneling equipment was developed to develop a remote monitoring system equipped with a self-developed cantilever tunneling machine.After a scientific and technological breakthrough, the visualization and remote control inspection equipment for the roadheader developed by China Coal Mining University and China University of Mining met the needs of the coal mine. The requirements of the unmanned operation and coal mine safety regulations of the borehole roadheader passed through performance tests and industrial tests, and passed acceptance by the Ministry of Science and Technology.
The results of this project have been successfully applied to a variety of cantilever-type roadheaders produced by the Shimeiji Corporation, which not only achieves near-site remote control, but also greatly reduces the operator's labor intensity, can also complete remote visual remote control and monitoring, and achieve 500-1000m boring machines. The visualization, remote control of the orientation, positioning and shaping of the excavation process has truly achieved the unmanned working face, and the excavation efficiency and roadway forming quality have been significantly improved during the actual use. The scientific and technological achievements have opened up new areas for research on automatic cutting forming control technology, pose detection and error elimination technology, and directional excavation technology for boring machine, making the operation of high-scaling work face more secure, and it is an important reality for ensuring the safe and efficient mining of coal. Meaning and social benefits. Leading the future direction of the roadheader's technology research and development, it occupies the highest point in the world's mining machinery research. (This article comes from Stone Coal Machine Yang Yingmin)
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