Sprinkler operation precautions

   (1) Requirements for water sources:

When the sprinkler uses the river ditch and pond as a source of water, notice that all the ends of the suction pipe are not in the water. In order to avoid ingesting stones or more sediment and drift debris, the suction pipe end is generally provided with a filtering device, and it is strictly prohibited to remove the filtering device when absorbing water. If the water source is shallow, it is necessary to dig up the water absorption area in advance to ensure that it does not contain impurities and air. The water pump requirements for different sprinklers are different. The clean water pump requires no impurities in the water, and the muddy water pump requires no stones and excessive sediment in the water.

(2) Add water diversion:

Every time the centrifugal pump absorbs water, a certain amount of water must be added to the pump. After the addition, the water inlet must be closed. When the self-priming pump is used for the first time, it is necessary to add water, and it is unnecessary to add water afterwards.

(3) The inlet pipe must be vacuumed:

The water inlet pipe system must maintain a certain degree of vacuum before it can suck water into the tank. The inlet pipe system must be sealed reliably, the hose can not be damaged, the hard pipe can not have cracks, otherwise it will have a phenomenon of air leakage, which will result in the situation that it cannot suck water.

(4) Parking stalls:

Before the water sprinkling vehicle or water sprinkling, the power take-off device must be parked.

(5) Winter water release:

Before the advent of winter, the water in the pumps and pipes should be vented to prevent freezing. The northern part of the country is generally no longer under construction during the severe winter. Therefore, after the construction is completed, the water in the pump and the water pipe will be drained immediately to prevent future problems.

(6) Watering matters:

The front sprayer of Hubei Chengli Sprinkler has a lower position and is close to the ground. The spray pressure is relatively large and can be used for flushing the road surface. The position of the rear sprinkler is relatively high (the sprinkler head is usually installed one on the left and the other), and the sprinkling surface is wide. It can be used for highway construction. Sprinkling, when using the rear nozzle, the front nozzle should be closed; when using the adjustable nozzle to spray water, the width of the sprinkler can be adjusted as needed. The wider the sprinkler width, the less the amount of intermediate overlap and the more uniform the sprinkler density.

(7) Lubrication and fastening:

During the process of use, lubrication points of the transmission assembly should be regularly lubricated, and the joints should be tightened frequently to ensure normal use.

(8) The sewage tank of the regular waste water sprinkler is provided with a discharge pipe. The inlet of the pipe is the lowest point of the water tank. After a period of use, the discharge pipe switch should be opened periodically to remove the accumulated debris from the tank until the water becomes clear.

The above is all about the sprinkler. It is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of the above knowledge before using the sprinkler. It is not easy to buy a car, use a car carefully, learn to operate, know how to operate, and it is a prerequisite for the longevity of the vehicle. Hubei Cheng Li sprinkler manufacturers car hotline welcome your call.

Building Hoist

Construction lifts are usually used in combination with tower cranes on the construction site. The general load is 0.3-3.6 tons, and the operating speed is 1-96m/min. There are many types, which can be divided into two types according to the operation mode: non-paired weight and paired weight.

Construction elevator is often used in the construction of manned cargo construction machinery, mainly used in the city high-rise and super high-rise in all kinds of buildings, also known as construction elevator.

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