Smartphones lead fingerprint sensor growth

Fingerprint sensors have become almost standard on high-end smartphones and are used primarily for mobile device login and payment security systems. At the same time, some tablets and laptops are also beginning to carry fingerprint recognition.
Market research firm IHS said that under the leadership of Apple’s iPhone, shipments of fingerprint sensors are expected to increase from 316 million in 2014 to 499 million in 2015, and will continue to grow and reach a peak of 1.6 billion by 2020. Piece. "The fingerprint sensor market has rapidly warmed up, and this market will continue to exhibit explosive growth in 2016 and beyond," said Jamie Fox, chief analyst at IHS. “The highest revenue growth may occur in the near future, as competition in this market is becoming increasingly fierce and price erosion continues, while the high-end smartphone market is maturing and saturated.”
Apple acquired fingerprint sensor manufacturer Authentec in 2012 and continued to lead the fingerprint sensor market in 2015, thanks to the popularity of its iPhone 6s series and iPad product line. Synaptics, the supplier of Samsung fingerprint readers, was the second-largest manufacturer in terms of shipments in 2015. Fingerprint Cards (FPC), a Swedish fingerprint identification company, has a large number of customers in China and elsewhere. The company ranked third, but its 2015 The income ($316 million) exceeded Synaptics.
“With more and more smart phone brands adopting fingerprint sensors, the market has been continuously expanding, and FPC responds very quickly to industry trends. We want to quickly transfer fingerprint sensors from the field of swipe sensors,” says Fox. "FPC's strong customer base in China also helped push the company into the top three fingerprint sensor manufacturers in 2015."
The current fingerprint sensor market relies on capacitive sensors, but ultrasonic sensors led by Qualcomm will soon enter the market. Fox said, "InvenSense is another company that deserves attention because the company expects to launch its own ultrasonic sensor product in 2017."

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