Smart Standalone NB Wireless Standalone Smoke Alarm FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

As an important member of firefighting equipment, smoke alarm is a relatively large demand, all places must be installed fire products, then the traditional alarm is connected to the host connection alarm, this way requires staff in Control room monitoring, and where there is no alarm can not be understood in time, that China's currently promoting the Internet of things is to all products must be transmitted to the cloud platform, in China is currently by the technology is Beijing Lebird Technology Co., Ltd. (Dongguan City Lebird Electrical Technology Co., Ltd.) The intelligent and independent type NB wireless smoke alarm system developed and produced by the intelligent fire products is monitored through the cloud platform to the mobile phone APP. There are alarms to send text messages, and there are after-sales service call notifications. Unattended hours can be a comprehensive monitoring, then it is suitable for the installation site and what needs to be noted in the use of the process, here we come to a simple analysis.
1. Which locations need to be installed?
Hotels, schools and hotels are preferred. Because of the dense population and particularly strong mobility, the number of smokers is high, and once they are alive, it is easy to cause a stampede. Most people think that they want to use smoke alarms. They must be a number of halls. They can be installed in some hallways and stairs. They can even be installed in elevators.
2. What should I pay attention to when installing?
Smart stand-alone NB wireless smoke alarms are not too sensitive to air humidity, but if the humidity exceeds 95%, then it is not suitable for installation and use. And if smoke alarms are installed in places suitable for smokeless fires, they will not play a role. The most important point for detecting fires is smoke. Similarly, too much dust is not suitable for installation. This kind of instrument is most suitable for the dangerous place of fire caused by electricity, and its function can be immediately displayed.
3. What is the cause of false positives?
Traditional smoke alarms are habitually disassembled on the ceiling when students smoke or smoke in hotels. Their disassembly will also transmit data alarms to the LeBiyun 119 platform . This transmission is accurate in real time. while working for intelligent monitoring of NB standalone wireless smoke alarms, if the occurrence of false positives, then it would be a very serious problem. For example, the fire did not happen, but it has been a signal of an alarm. This time must be to influence its accuracy, especially if it encounters false alarms so that it won't let it go and it is removed. Waiting until the fire really occurs will definitely delay the timing of the fire. The situation of false positives sometimes occurred because the exhaust fan did not discharge the smoke in time when cooking in the kitchen, which led to false alarm of the smoke alarm. At this time you can buy a photoelectric smoke alarm instead.
Also the kind of intelligent stand-alone wireless smoke alarm NB There are many different conditions for each workplace, there are also different types of smoke alarms to match the time of purchase to pay attention to functional use, can not be generalized, All independent smoke alarms are considered to be a function.

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