Prevention and control measures for push-type roofing accidents

According to the nature of the top plate, the push-type top-down type is divided into an impact push type top and a composite top push type top.

a, impact push type roof. When the coal layer of roof separation, substantially by roof delamination fracture has hit the top of the slate stone seam, resulting thrust roof fall.

The main prevention and control measures are: dynamic monitoring of the roof, and the corresponding measures should be taken when the roof is separated. Improve the quality of support, enhance stability and level resistance. The support of the working face should be timely, improve the initial support of the stiffness of the bracket, and prevent the roof of the coal seam from separating.

b. Composite roof push-type roofing. The composite roof consists of rock layers and coal seams of different lithologies. When the lower layer of the composite roof has a small thickness of coal seam or rock formation, insufficient support strength, unqualified bracket quality or large mine pressure, it is easy to cause a composite roof push-type roofing accident.

The composite roof has no obvious signs and features before the roof is launched, and it may occur in any process. Therefore, the quality of the brackets should be strictly checked. The coal mines with conditions should be supported by hydraulic supports and the composite roof. Perform dynamic monitoring.

c, general preventive measures

It is possible to control the mining height so that the soft rock layer falls behind the hard top. Do not destroy the composite roof for mining work. According to the actual work experience, the pseudo-tilt working face is applied. When erecting the truss and truss, it should be supported in the direction of possible movement of the rock mass.

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