Nantong COSCO Heavy Industry Offshore Crane Project Boom Structure Pipe Welding Evaluation

Recently, the welding evaluation of the boom structure of the Xibojing 300T offshore crane project undertaken by Nantong Zhongyuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. passed the supervision and inspection of Nantong Quality Inspection Institute and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). After testing, all mechanical properties are in line with product technical conditions and corresponding standards. At this point, all the welding reviews of the Xibotun project have been completed.
It is reported that the welding evaluation material (X100Q), joint form (pipe 6G joint), welding method (solder bottoming) are all involved for the first time. Nantong COSCO Heavy Industry attaches great importance to it, carefully prepares and organizes it to ensure the smooth passing of the welding evaluation test. This not only has accumulated valuable experience for the high-strength pipe welding process, but also laid a solid foundation for the welding process formulation and order acceptance of other pipe structures.

  Hot air type plastic welding is widely used in PVC/PE/PP/PVDF plastic sheet, welding pipe is the scene, electroplating, chemical storage tank, an ideal tool for plastic pipes and other plastic welding..Hot air type plastic welding is a reliable and economical and practical hand tools. Small size, large power, long durability; anti heating pipe heating pipe shell soup; electronic protection system, precise temperature control, easy to carry; suitable for continuous operation; integration design, fan site, the construction is simple, often used for waterproofing materials liner construction site, local repair welding.

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