MANN+HUMMEL revenues 1.2 billion euros for the first half of 2011

The reporter learned on September 13, 2011 that due to the favorable global economic environment, MANN+HUMMEL Group's revenue for the first half of 2011 increased by approximately 20% from the same period of last year to 1.2 billion euros. At the same time, its performance (EBIT) was satisfactory. The number of employees increased by about 10% from the same period last year to 14,300.

Alfred Weber, president and CEO of MANN+HUMMEL Group stated: “This means we are closer to the strategic goal of achieving 3.4 billion euros in revenue in 2018. Our development in Europe and Asia is particularly strong. Looking at the future, the development of future performance is still accompanied by some risks, such as economic recession, currency instability, and rising prices, which will lead to a slowdown in growth in the second half of 2011. However, in the end, we hope to achieve satisfactory results this year. ."

MANN+HUMMEL has developed a series of new technologies to support business growth, some of which will be presented at the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show (IAA). The new product coincides with the theme of "Future comes as standard" in this exhibition and contributes to resource conservation and sustainable development.

Three-stage water separator

MANN+HUMMEL's new three-stage water separator separates water droplets from fuel, which is only one-tenth the diameter of human hair. The water separator is part of the fuel system of modern common rail diesel injection systems. This fuel system has high requirements for water separation. If the fuel contains water, the life of the engine will be shorter.

Diesel engine air/exhaust mixer

MANN+HUMMEL's new diesel engine air/exhaust mixer is environmentally friendly and helps the vehicle comply with Euro 6 emission standards. The Euro 6 emission standard imposes stricter limits on gas emissions and will take effect on September 1, 2014. From January 1, 2015, all newly registered vehicles must meet this standard. The Euro 6 emission standard reduced the currently applicable NOx limit from 180 mg/km to 80 mg/km, while the particulate limit was reduced from 5 mg/km to 4.5 mg/km. Nitrogen oxides stimulate the respiratory tract, catalyze acid rain, and can form ozone. As part of the greenhouse gas, nitrogen oxides, such as laughing gas, produce about 300 times the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide. The air/exhaust mixer as part of an exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system can operate in a low pressure environment. This is another advantage for the user and the environment because the low pressure exhaust gas recirculation system requires less energy than the high pressure exhaust gas recirculation system and can reduce nitrogen oxides over a wider range of engine loads. MANN+HUMMEL has started producing a series of low-pressure air/exhaust mixers for Renault vehicles.

Thermal management valve

The new electronically controlled thermal management valve, measuring just 17.5 centimeters in size, has further evolved. It can reduce carbon dioxide emissions per kilometer by two to three grams. This can be achieved because the engine has an intelligent thermal management function. The thermal management valve can independently adjust up to three water cooling circuits in any combination of cooling device, cabin heating, and engine, depending on the circumstances.

Integrated plastic timing cover

The new plastic timing cover is not only low cost but also environmentally friendly. Plastics are less expensive than metals, lighter in weight, and easier to design into complex shapes. This also facilitates the integration of different functional components in the same system, including engine bearings, oil filters and oil coolers. The integration of this function can reduce the amount of material used, thus saving costs and reducing weight. Weight reduction means fuel consumption and reduction of emissions. For users, the greater benefit is that functional integration and material substitution generally reduce downstream processing steps.

Each year, MANN+HUMMEL invests approximately 4% of its sales in research and development, which is above the regional average. Some research budgets are used to replace the development of concepts, products, and technologies that drive cars. Currently, MANN+HUMMEL is carrying out 10 projects on electric vehicles. At the same time, the company continues to focus on providing optimized solutions for internal combustion engines in the area of ​​filters, which will continue to be the basis for independent and commercial capital turnover in the coming years. MANN+HUMMEL's R&D focus is still on providing environmentally sustainable products that are sustainable. People-oriented and respect for the environment are the basic corporate values ​​of MANN+HUMMEL.

Fluidizing Bed Drying Granulator

Working Principles
The powdery materials is in fluidizing state in the container. It is first heated and mixed by filtered hot air. Then the powder combines with atomizing adhesive solution. After that, the prototype of granule is formed.

The moisture in granules is evaporated, as hot air constantly heats the granules. The adhesive is also solidified in the process of drying. The repeated drying process finally contributes to the microporous spherical granules.

The fluidized drying granulator can be used to make tables, instant herbal medicine and capsule in pharmaceutical industry, cocoa, coffee, milk powder, fruit granules and flavoring in food industry, and agricultural pesticide, feedstuff, fertilizers, pigments and dyestuff in other industries. It is also suitable for drying of wet powder materials or wet particles.

1. Granules made by our fluidized drying granulator have good dissolvability and fluidity. So there is no dust pollution.
2. It has functions of mixing, drying and granulation.
3. Anti-static electricity filter cloth is adopted to make the fluidized drying granulator safe to use.
4. Pressure bleeder hole is designed for security.
5. It features easy charging and discharging of materials, and it is also easy to clean.
6. Our fluidized drying granulator conforms to the standards of GMP.

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