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Chairman Yang Mingquan (third from left) and Li Guoping (first from left) take a group photo with Li Guoping, Yifeng, Jiangxi, born in 1973, graduated from the 1992 Engineering Department of Electronic Engineering, Jiangxi Institute of Technology, and started his own business in 1996. He is currently a director of Guangzhou Hongli Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. long. Since 2012, Li Guoping has been on the list of the richest people in Jiangxi for five consecutive years. According to the latest ranking of the 2016 Hurun Report of Jiangxi Rich List, Li Guoping ranked 22nd in the Jiangxi rich with a personal wealth of 2.6 billion yuan. At the time of the year, 62 people moved 40 places. In 2004, Li Guoping founded Guangzhou Hongli Photoelectric Co., Ltd. On May 18, 2011, Hongli Optoelectronics successfully listed on the Shenzhen GEM. Hongli Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise and a top 500 modern industrial enterprise in Guangdong Province. It is committed to research and development and production of high-quality new energy products with an annual output value of more than 500 million yuan. It is the leading LED lighting white light device and application product research and development and production in China. A listed company that sells in one. For more than a decade, Li Guoping led Hongli Optoelectronics from small to large, from weak to strong, and gradually established the first brand of white light packaging. When the United States launched a 337 investigation into Chinese companies, the entire LED industry was facing a crisis, he came forward and won the respect of his peers and society. His business philosophy is to win with the team, the supplier, the customer, and the peers. He is a person who knows how to be willing. From optoelectronics to wisdom, he led the company into the emerging industries of the future. According to relevant data, Hongli Optoelectronics ranked ninth among the global LED lighting manufacturers in 2015, and the company has gradually put into production in the LED production base invested and constructed in Nanchang in recent years. All of the products can achieve annual output of TOP LED packaging devices of 16,200KK, High. Power LED packaged device 360KK. An International Lawsuit for Pulling China's LED Industry On the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games on August 8, 2008, the dazzling and beautiful scrolls of welcoming and unpredictable, the dream five-ring Olympic rings made the audience all over the world As drunk. However, few people know that these dazzling lights and shadows come from high-tech LEDs (light-emitting diodes), and Li Guoping's Hongli Optoelectronics is one of these LED suppliers. It is not the Olympics that made Li Guoping famous. It was the 337 investigation conducted by the United States against four Chinese companies on February 20, 2008. The most destructive of the 337 investigation is the general exclusion order: that is, if the Chinese company should not sue or lose the case, the relevant products of the middle and lower reaches of the domestic LED industry cannot enter the European and American markets. When the entire LED industry faced a crisis, Li Guoping came forward. No matter what the price, the company will insist on playing the lawsuit. Behind the resolute of Li Guoping, chairman of Hongli Optoelectronics, he paid millions of dollars, a lot of time, energy and so on. Finally, Hongli Optoelectronics and the United States successfully reached an advantage and reconciled, becoming the only LED packaging company in China to obtain export authorization, and also lifted the entire LED industry alarm, the Chinese LED industry's annual export of tens of billions of dollars can be carried out smoothly. Li Guoping won the respect, affirmation and praise of the society and became the target of the major media's competing reports. The popularity has been rapidly improved. Hongli Optoelectronics has been recognized as a key independent export brand in Guangdong Province and Guangzhou City. Under the financial crisis of 2008, the company still achieved good performance growth. Hongli Optoelectronics ranked the top three in China in 2008 and 2009, and was rated as China's LED outstanding enterprise for two consecutive years. For the reasons for the rapid development of the company, Li Guoping attributed himself to being a person who knows how to do business. Sharing equity with technicians Hongli Optoelectronics, founded in 2004, is mainly engaged in LED packaging, importing chips from Japan and Taiwan, and then making various LED illuminants according to application requirements. Because the LED package is in the middle of the LED industry chain, most people think that this link does not require much R&D investment. This is a misunderstanding, LED is a high-tech type, and research and development is the most important. Li Guoping explained that in the packaging process to improve performance indicators, enhance the color rendering index, and reduce attenuation, the company's annual research and development investment is more than 20 million yuan. When Li Guoping graduated, he was assigned to Zhongshan Yihua Group to work as a technician. From the time he joined the work to the present, he has been working in the LED industry. He knows from technology, LED research and development, capital investment is on the one hand, and more importantly, there is a lack of corresponding talents in China. This is a headache for the industry. In order to attract and cultivate scientific research talents and stimulate their research and development enthusiasm, Li Guoping specially set up a technology research and development center. As the chairman of the board, he was the director of the early personal technical center. For the scientific and technological personnel who have made outstanding contributions, the company gives certain shares as an incentive. If someone invents a new type of patent, the person can extract the commission in proportion to each patented product sold by the company. This is similar to the fact that writers charge royalties based on the sales of books, not capped. According to the law, the patents invented by technicians during their duties are owned by the company. It is necessary to know how to export certain benefits, and to be willing to give up. Li Guoping has always held this philosophy. It is reported that the equity of senior management and business technology backbone of Hongli Optoelectronics accounts for more than 10% of the entire company. Such a high proportion is rare in private enterprises. Li Guoping has broken the routine and has greatly stimulated the practice of giving vested interests to researchers. By the end of 2010, the company's strong R&D team had 146 people, and the research and development achievements were fruitful. The company applied for 142 national patents; 93 patents were granted, including 4 invention patents. It is with its own technical accumulation that Hongli Optoelectronics has undertaken a number of scientific research projects at the national, provincial and municipal levels, and has established effective research and development of production, education and research with Zhongshan University, South China University of Technology and South China Normal University. Partnership.

Integrity Tester of Micro-pore Membrane Filter
Integrity Tester is designed for testing integrity of micro-pore Membrane Filters and filter systems
The Characteristics:
1.With standard automatic infiltration process of filter material: infiltrates the filter material through a standardized process to ensure the filter material is completely wetting. And start the subsequent test work at the same time, will not affect the downstream of the aseptic condition, meet the requirements of the in-line testing.
2.Advanced data processing technology: Adopting the advanced artificial intelligence technology, real-time collection of the changing apparent diffusion flow, to analysis and identify the diffusion flow and viscous flow, can accurately identify filter bubble point, Have better correlation performance of bubble point test and real bacteria intercepting correlation. 
3.With large data storage function, can save 500 groups of test results and the test curve.
4.V4.0 Type automatic filter integrity tester is the only one filter testing instrument which can get the actual diffusion flow by measuring the upstream volume. Can test the hydrophobic filter by the online  water immersion method to solve the residue concern problem of organic solution infiltration
5.Adopt the advanced algorithm and filtering method, can be completed with foreign detector in stability and reliability, can solve the common fault of the domestic instrument.
6.Air intake unit of the instrument adopts fully automatic digital control, greatly increase the stability of the testing process, completely devoid of the original method of the domestic detector needs professionals use adjustable inlet knob to control inlet flow speed.
7.Can realize the integrity test of the large capacity. The detector specially design for large capacity filters to ensure the measurement accuracy not be reduced when filter multi-filter cartridges and the speed will not be changed.
8.The core parts adopt imported equipment, analysis the safety particularly, on the premise of guarantee the basic electrical safety and mechanical safety, safety processing for each link.

Integrity Tester

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