Hungary Borsod Chemicals develops new technology for phosgenating MDI production

According to Hungary's Borsod Chemical Company, it has developed an ambitious plan for the development of a methylene-p-phenylene diisocyanate (MDI) production process under its own procedures.
The company plans to release its bottleneck in the Kazincbarcika MDI unit from the 180,000 t/a to 30 t/a in the next 2-3 years. The company also stated that it has applied for a patent for this technology, and a key improvement of this technology is the development of a more effective phosgenation technology that can significantly reduce the production of unwanted by-products.
The company stated that it has now been able to design more than 400,000 t/a of process equipment that converts benzene to MDI. At present, the project focuses on solving the bottleneck of a set of 120,000 t/a MDI devices, and plans to expand its production capacity to 240,000 t/a from 2011 to 2012. Borsod Chemical also operates a set of 60,000 t/a MDI devices at Kazincbarcika. In addition, the company is building a 200,000 t/a toluene diisocyanate (TDI) unit at this location, and plans to start production on July 1, 2009. Borsod Chemicals also has a 90,000 t/a TDI unit there. It plans to expand the bottleneck to 100,000 t/a.

Oil Pan Gasket function is to seals the oil pan to the bottom of the engine.
Oil Pan gasket Material: Cork, Framework Rubber, Metal Rubber. Sealing Paper,

1 CORK: Cork material is the earliest used in the oil pan seal. The most widely applied, Is a highly applicable sealing material. It is feather is: simple process, raw material is simple and easy. Low cost. 
But a wide range of apply does not mean it`s fully suited to the oil pan seal.
Its disadvantage is also very obvious: Easy to leak; Easy to pressure explosion when install the screws. 

European and American manufacturers have no longer use this material many years ago, but the aftermarket still have a huge inventory fort this cork oil pan gasket. 

2 RUBBER: Rubber oil pan gasket is widely used in the foreign maintenance market, It`s a very nice sealing material, The specific material can be: NBR, ACM,FKM. European cars prefer to use rubber oil pan gasket, such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, and Volkswagen and so on.

3 Sealing Paper: Sealing paper oil pan gasket is a new material, it`s performance stable, good sealing effect, Suitable for flat sealing. The US repair kits form TTK,ATC,TRANSTEC etc- are mostly use this sealing paper material.  

4 Metal Rubber: Also named as module rubber, hard rubber, its use metal as a skeleton and coated with rubber outside, representative one like 4T65E, This is a new trend of the oil pan gasket, It combines the advantages of rubber material and avoid the disadvantage of not easy to fix. At present United States almost all new transmission box is use this metal rubber sealing gaskets. This is also widely used in the engines.

Oil Pan Gasket

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