How the highway visibility meter works

Expressway visibility and road condition online monitoring system can display data in real time with external LCD screen, provide effective data for traffic safety of the masses, prevent smog weather and reduce traffic accidents.
The visibility condition monitoring of the visibility instrument plays an important auxiliary role for road safety and civilized driving. The driver needs to judge the road ahead quickly and efficiently while driving the vehicle. Knowing the road ahead is very important for the driver's safe and civilized driving. The road condition monitor passes the visibility, road area water, snow thickness, rain and snow. Real-time monitoring and real-time broadcast of road conditions such as volume and traffic flow improve the accuracy and accuracy of observations, greatly reducing the workload of manual manual monitoring staff and improving work efficiency. The road condition monitor collects signals through the front end. The core sensor senses the changes of various parameters in the environment, and is quickly analyzed and processed by the host acquisition system to transmit data to the server through the wireless network. Through Internet technology, high-tech processing and analysis, the road safety and civilized drive to science and technology, and promote the construction of smart cities.

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