Factors affecting the accuracy of the measurement of the leaf surface humidity sensor

Temperature and humidity sensors are very effective for measuring temperature and humidity, and are widely used in daily life and production. The literal understanding of the leaf surface humidity sensor is the temperature and humidity measuring sensor on the blade surface, and the temperature and humidity sensor helps us in daily life. While measuring data, its accuracy is equally important to us. In daily use, we should try to avoid some factors that can affect the accuracy of the measurement of the leaf surface humidity sensor.

1. The degree of contact between the leaf surface humidity sensor probe and the measured object.
2. The response time measured by the sensor. When the change in temperature and humidity is large, the faster the response time, the smaller the difference between the measured temperature and humidity and the actual value of temperature and humidity.
3, the sensor's own thermal impedance. When measuring the temperature and humidity values ​​in the atmospheric environment, the temperature and humidity values ​​will change as the thermal impedance of the sensor, resulting in inaccurate measurements.
4, the use of the environment. Different temperature and humidity sensors are suitable for different environments.
5. Ambient temperature and humidity. The use of the sensor has a specific range of measurement. If it exceeds this range, it may cause damage to make the measurement not possible.
6, thermocouple heat radiation. When thermocouples are used to measure high temperature objects, the heat radiation from high temperature objects can make thermocouple measurements inaccurate.

In the use of temperature and humidity, there will be some uncertain factors affecting the accuracy of its measurement, which requires us to avoid these factors that can affect the accuracy of temperature and humidity in the use of the leaf surface humidity sensor to ensure that it is allowed in the error There is an accurate measurement data in the range.

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