Facing REACH pre-registration enterprises

From June 1st to November 30th this year, it is the EU's REACH pre-registration time. According to the regulations, the EU will carry out a series of work on the registration, testing, evaluation and market access of about 30,000 kinds of chemical products and 3 to 5 million kinds of applied chemicals. It is now less than three months before the formal pre-registration of REACH. However, in an interview, the reporter found that although most companies have been paying close attention to pre-registration, they are still very confused about REACH registration and REACH.
“As far as I know, of all the tens of thousands of substances that need to be registered, less than 3% now have experimental data. According to EU regulations, all products will be registered in 2 to 10 years, but all Knowing how long a product has to report data on environmental impacts, risk assessments, etc. Many experiments have been controversial for more than ten or even twenty years, and they require a lot of manpower, material and financial resources.” Mr. Su, who is studying the REACH regulation, said, “So I’d like to ask a question: During the European Union’s limited time, can we actually make experimental data on these tens of thousands of substances? Can REACH actually be implemented? Will not become an ignorant law?” Mr. Su’s question represents the thinking of many companies.
According to the REACH Regulation, the registration time for products entering the EU market is divided according to both volume and price. In 2007, China's exports of chemicals to the European Union involved 923 customs tariff lines, 12,436 enterprises exporting more than 10 tons, of which 798 exported more than 1,000 tons. According to the timetable, these 798 companies need to complete registration within 3 years; there are more than 360 varieties with exports exceeding 1,000 tons, and these varieties must also be registered within 3 years. In an interview, the reporter learned that many companies believe that only China’s product varieties that need to be registered, the EU can hardly come up with reliable and uncontroversial experimental data and assessment reports within three years. Therefore, most companies can confirm the REACH regulations. The sceptical attitude of the smooth implementation of the plan.
In spite of this, the vast majority of export companies still choose to conduct pre-registration. For example, Sinochem International (Holdings) Co., Ltd. has sent related personnel to participate in some training in REACH regulations. However, not all pre-registered companies will go through the registration process and the high registration fees will become a problem. It is understood that in the pre-registration phase, the EU Chemicals Agency does not charge fees. However, at the formal registration stage, registration administrative fees ranging from 1200 to 10,000 euros will be charged in accordance with the volume of product imports. In addition, there are a large number of various testing costs. According to preliminary estimates, only one substance, phenol, costs about 500,000 Euros for a conservative estimate of the cost of testing. Even if it is shared by various companies, it is still a considerable amount of money.
Jinan Taixing Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. is the largest exporter of flame retardants in Shandong Province and has hundreds of products. The company’s general manager Liu told reporters, “We may eventually choose to register for a limited number of major products because the registration fees are too high, and the most important thing is that we don’t even know what the cost of testing is, even if there’s 500,000 per product. In the euro, all registered companies can't afford it."
Sichuan Longxu Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. exports more than 5,000 tons of titanium dioxide to the EU each year. There are about 78 kinds of substances that need to be registered. The company’s business manager Liao Bo told reporters: “Now one can't say exactly what the final test cost is, but we will definitely pre-register it. In this way, we have at least two to three years before the official registration begins. Time to enter the EU market.” Liao Bo said that domestic titanium dioxide in the international market mainly to win the price, in the homogeneity of titanium dioxide species structure tends to be more serious, REACH regulations will indeed cause a greater impact on the company . However, he also believes that this will also have an impact on the EU market, because titanium dioxide is an important chemical raw material, but also affects the relevant industries in Europe.
The same effect is more evident in SMEs. According to the REACH regulation, after the product is pre-registered, it can be registered within 2 to 10 years depending on the quantity and price of the product. In the face of high registration and exhibiting "not capped" testing fees, some small businesses have explicitly told reporters: "We will definitely try to obtain export time through pre-registration. However, once REACH is officially registered, the cost will be too high and it will only have to be abandoned. EU market."

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