·Easy to clear the user account is questioned subsidy is not a long-term plan

“Recharge 100%”, this is the latest recharge subsidy activity for easy access to the car.

From the recent "real name certification can enjoy how much to send how much to send" activities, to the later "special car festival" activities, and then to the latest "more how much to return", easy to use car promotion efforts, recently can be described It is increasing.

Just before the “return to 100%” activity, the easy-to-use car also briefly released the “charge 1 yuan to 10 yuan” activity, which is the event, which was easily denied by the car itself, saying it was “because of the fault” Internal test of leakage."

Experts believe that the large-scale subsidy strategy, on the one hand, is the result of capital operation, on the other hand, more or less is the actual action to face the question of clearing the user's recharge before.

User: The account has been cleared and changed to 240,000 yuan.

On January 14th, Mr. Liu saw an activity on the official website of the car. The activity said: “Recharge 1 yuan to 10 yuan, gift card can be used to exchange 'balance' and take a taxi.”

Therefore, he recharges the accounts of himself and two friends by 9,000 yuan, 8,000 yuan, and 7,000 yuan respectively, and can be used up to 240,000 yuan according to the discount.

"I didn't expect the next morning, the event page disappeared, all the balances of the three accounts were deducted, and one of the accounts was also frozen." Mr. Liu was somewhat angry at the lack of account balance.

According to the screenshot of the purchase record provided by Mr. Liu, thousands of gift cards were purchased in each of the three accounts. The name of the gift card has the word "Test 10", the price column is displayed as "1 yuan", and the face value column is displayed as "10 yuan". These gift cards are all shown as "redeemed."

In this regard, it is easy to use the car customer service staff to indicate that the technical problem occurred on the page that night, and the hidden button was not clicked, causing the page to be displayed externally. After Mr. Liu made multiple recharges, the system wind control automatically started, so that the account of Mr. Liu and others was cleared; the company will refund the recharge principal and compensate the coupon.

"Easy to use the car this activity is already an offer on the contract law. Once the user recharges successfully, it constitutes a promise and the contract is established. It is not a statutory reason to unilaterally terminate the contract due to the technical failure of the vehicle. Continue to perform the contract, otherwise the user can ask him to bear the responsibility for compensation for breach of contract." Wu Jingming, an associate professor of the School of Civil and Commercial Law at China University of Political Science and Law, pointed out that the rule of law weekend reporter pointed out.

According to the Consumer Protection Law, if a consumer uses a false advertisement or other false propaganda to provide goods or services, and the legitimate rights and interests of the consumer are damaged, the operator may be required to pay compensation.

"This kind of behavior that claims to be a technical failure to cancel a transaction has the suspicion of false propaganda and fraud." Wu Jingming added that consumers can claim triple compensation.

Since the event page has been cancelled, Mr. Liu did not retain evidence such as the current electronic contract. In this regard, Wu Jingming said that users can obtain evidence after they have filed a lawsuit.

However, in the case of independent car consultant Zhang Xiang, the act of canceling the rebate due to technical failure, although it constitutes a breach of contract, may also be a deliberate marketing tool.

"Although the event was cancelled, it could not erase the traces of the activity. For the company, the user information, transaction records and other data information have been collected, and the traffic has been brushed up." Zhang Xiang pointed out that the default is used to exchange traffic, " It can be considered a deal."

Owner: In order to receive rewards, but to receive the "violation" notice

In addition to being vomited by the user due to the problem of recharging and clearing, the owner of the car that is easy to use also has bitter water to fall.

"I just joined in soon, I was still a trainee, and I ran a five or six singles every day. A few days ago, I saw that I was able to run for 15 days for the trainee owner to have a reward of 150 yuan. Run at least 15 times a day." Easy to use car owner Li Ran (a pseudonym) told the rule of law weekend reporters, according to the rules of easy to use the car, as long as there is no risk control (with brush orders, jump orders, etc.) or complaints, the end of the month will Returning 20% ​​commission to the owner, "This will have a considerable income."

However, a text message from the easy-to-use car made Li Ran taste the taste of “not getting lost”.

The SMS said: "Hello, the system judges that you have an order violation. The account in this cycle is silent for 7 days. The fine is subject to the final notice of this week. You cannot receive any of the users participating in the reinstatement event from the date of the deduction of the order. Order."

"I haven't taken any friends or relatives' lists. I don't have any bad reviews. Every single one is doing my best. When I pull passengers, I will also promote the cashback to the passengers. But the result is that all the rewards are cancelled. 20% of the commission will not be returned." Li Ran is very helpless to accept the inexplicable risk control of the car.

For Li Ran, the more deadly thing is that users who are easy to use the Apple mobile phone can not complain, and can only be recorded by the customer service record, which means that the owner of the wind control can only be automatically released.

The rule of law weekend reporter noticed in the Baidu Post Bar that is easy to use the car, complaints about the easy to use the car to detain the owner of the car abound, and some even questioned the "easy to use the car's wind control system is tricky, is used to deduct the owner Tool of".

For these questions, the reporter sent an interview letter to the relevant person in charge of the public transportation department on January 22, but as of press time, no reply has been received.

"It is necessary to prevent the owner from controlling the wind, etc., but it is easy to use the car to inform the owner of the reasons for the wind control, and to ensure that the owner has relevant complaint channels." Zhang Xiang said.

Expert: The key to the platform must be trustworthy

Whether the passenger account recharge is cleared or the owner is fined by the wind control, the management problem of the easy-to-use car is reflected to some extent.

"The Internet car platform itself is a platform for information exchange and use. The owners and users are both ends of information exchange, and they are also users of the platform. If the user does not have it, the meaning of the platform is not great." Ding Dao, Dean of the Institute of Research, believes that the survival of the Internet car platform depends on a large number of users, and the relationship with the users should be maintained.

The rule of law weekend reporter noticed that the easy-to-use car mentioned in many news propaganda that “users and drivers are the most cherished resources that are easy to use.”

However, this cherishment seems to be more manifested in subsidies. Take the "special car festival" that is easy to use on January 7 as an example. In addition to recharging the user, it is easy to use the car to return the commission to the driver, and there are lottery and year-end awards.

"These activities can really increase our income, but as long as they are controlled by the wind, the main reason is not to explain the reasons for risk control. Not only the commission returned is gone, but also a fine." Li Ran believes that it is easy to use the car in addition to the subsidy. More importantly, "Let us feel that we are guaranteed, don't try our best to complete the order or it is empty."

In Zhang Xiang's view, it is easy to use the car as a mobile app. It is more important to retain users and drivers than to subsidize.

“Obviously, the high number of users and subsidized markets obtained by subsidies is only a superficial phenomenon. The capital for APP to survive and develop is also to give users a unique experience and great convenience, and to establish a foothold in the market. Obtaining benefits. Otherwise, when the subsidy is stopped, it means the risk of being abandoned by the user.” Zhang Xiang pointed out that the key to the platform must be reliable.

Subsidy operations are not a long-term solution

Rule of Law Weekend Reporter Qiu Fei

According to the report released by the easy-to-use car, the “How much to return” activity started on November 17, 2015, as of December 17, 2015, the total recharge amount of users is nearly 500 million yuan, and the number of participating users is up to 52. 10,000 people; and during the “Special Car Festival” from January 7 to January 9, there were 751,000 users with a total recharge of 965 million yuan.

Experts believe that the recent exposure of the user account recharge is cleared, or the owner is fined by the wind control deduction, the problem behind the can not be avoided is the subsidy to burn money.

“The way to burn money and attract customers in the field of travel is very common, but the more money is burned, the higher the cost, and the money that is subsidized will not necessarily be available to effective users. The subsidies issued are more difficult to cover.” Dean of Speedway Research Institute Ding Dao Shi believes that, in any case, it is impossible for enterprises to recover the subsidies that have already been sent out through the operation of the website. This is also the reason why many enterprises are unsustainable because they have no money to burn.

As the earliest service platform for providing special car reservations in China, the easy-to-use car has also been “lack of money and guilty” – it was exposed to more than 100 layoffs in June last year; the market share has dropped rapidly, according to the data of Yiguan think tank, easy to use the car in 2015 The active user coverage rate in the second quarter was 2.7%, while it ranked second in the first quarter, accounting for 17.5%.

The lack of money in the haze, in October last year, LeTV announced that strategic investment is easy to use the car, costing $700 million to become the largest shareholder of easy-to-use vehicles. Since November last year, the easy-to-use car has carried out two large-scale subsidy activities mentioned at the beginning of the article.

"These two activities are easy to get the user's nearly 1.5 billion yuan recharge, which means that in the future, there will be 3 billion yuan to replenish the platform users and drivers, and enhance the stickiness of users and drivers." Independent car consultation Consultant Zhang Xiang pointed out that it will take some time for the counter-compensation.

Easy to use the car to recharge cash back, LeTV and LeTV CEO Jia Yueting are fully supported, which also prompted the industry to speculate that the easy to use the car to get 1.5 billion yuan in cash will be likely to carry out capital operations.

Jia Yueting has long been recognized as a "capital operation master" by the outside world. According to the data, Jia Yueting successively cashed in about 5.7 billion yuan last year, and then lend it to listed companies to do working capital.

It is reported that Yizhi and LeTV are building a “free ecological car”, claiming that the car will no longer provide simple transportation services, and will provide users with music and video services such as film and television dramas, sports events, e-commerce, games, audio and video calls.

"No matter where the funds for recharging and cashback activities will be used, subsidies are not a long-term solution. The final competition in the field of travel is which platform drivers and vehicles are more, and the user experience is better." Zhang Xiang pointed out that the future travel field is for the owners. The subsidy will be reduced with the user, and the platform will also charge a scheduling management fee.

As for the subsidy status of the Internet car platform, the "Interim Measures for the Administration of Network Appointment Taxi Management Services" mentioned that the operating enterprises must not engage in unfair competition at a price lower than the cost, and must not be lower in order to crowd out competitors or monopolize the market. The cost of the price dumps operations, disrupting the normal market order. If the operating enterprise wants to implement market rewards, promotions, etc., it is necessary to announce the rewards, promotions and other programs to the public 10 days in advance.

"Affected by the "Measures", private cars are also facing the possibility of going out, and the easy-to-use vehicles that rely heavily on private cars will encounter great tests if they continue to operate through the burning of money." Zhang Xiang predicted.


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