Drying equipment needs to be developed with high efficiency and high yield

With the trend of ever-decreasing product granularity, more and more pharmaceutical companies are using low-consumption, high-output technologies. One of the main parts of the process is the advanced nature of the dehydration method to reduce energy consumption and product waste and loss. Under this background, the drying equipment industry has developed rapidly.

As we all know, China is a big country for the production of bulk drugs, but it is not yet a strong country for the production of bulk drugs. There are many reasons for this, but one important reason is that there is a gap between the production of raw material medicines and the application of new technologies and the international high-end level. Therefore, in order to improve the quality level of raw material medicine production in China, in addition to increasing the control standards of production companies from hardware and software, it is also necessary to strengthen the application of new technology for raw material medicine equipment according to the new changes in the global market, and truly align with international standards.

For a long time, the domestic drying equipment industry has always had such characteristics: the scale of production is small, the entry threshold is low, the overall technical content is not high, and the product quality is generally low and similar. However, high-tech products are now giving rise to the emergence of backbone enterprises in the drying equipment manufacturing industry. China's drying equipment manufacturers must continuously learn from international advanced technologies, combine practical experience, explore new technologies, develop new technologies, and come up with new products to participate in international competition.

With the pharmaceutical machinery market becoming more open, the pharmaceutical equipment economy is producing profound and fundamental changes and innovations with bright future. Drying equipment must be developed with high efficiency and high output.

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