Cummins New ISF Light Engine Successfully Serves China Flower Fair

During the “11th” period, 31 buses equipped with Cummins' new ISF3.8-elevated four-emission engine were officially put into use in Shunyi, Beijing. They took on the high-load and heavy-duty transportation tasks of the 7th China Flower Expo and successfully transported a large number of tourists to and from the airport. Yu Shunyi Flower Expo exhibition hall line. In addition to the successful service fair, the ISF 3.8-liter eco-friendly engine officially put into operation in Beijing in June this year was also launched in batches in the small bus passenger market in Pinggu and Changping, providing high-performance, low-emissions for public transportation in the suburbs of Beijing. Environmental support.

This batch of vehicles includes 45 7.7-meter and 7.5-meter buses produced by Suzhou Jinlong, which were put into operation by Pinggu Xintongshun Passenger Transport Service Co., Ltd. and Changping Wanjiatong Passenger Transport Co., Ltd. in Pinggu and Changping; 31 8.5-meter buses produced by Changan Bus. , Shunyi Junma Passenger Transport Company put into use before the opening of the Shunyi Flower Expo. These buses are all equipped with the Cummins ISF 3.8 I Quad.

The ISF 3.8-liter engine has been tested in Darlington, England, as well as a 35,000-hour bench test, 1.5 million-kilometer vehicle reliability test, durability test, and various tests in extreme environments. Excellent performance, able to meet the different requirements of customers around the world for high-end, clean power products. The ISF engine can meet the European IV/National IV environmental standards at the start of production, and its modular design allows the platform to be quickly upgraded to meet Euro V and future stricter emission regulations.
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