Comprehensive prevention measures for spontaneous combustion of coal

1, forecast spontaneous combustion of coal layer

(1) Since coal produces CO in the low-temperature oxidation stage, CO is a sensitive indicator for early exposure of fire. The CO sensor is installed in the coal mine working face returning air passage, the comprehensive coal mining road and other places where there is a natural fire. If the CO concentration is exceeded, the portable CO detector can be used to track and monitor the high temperature point.

(2) Using infrared detection method to judge the position of high temperature point, the basic principle of infrared detection method is to establish the correspondence between fire source and fire source temperature field according to the theory of infrared radiation field, so as to infer the position of fire source point.

(3) Auxiliary monitoring with borehole temperature measurement. For locations where top coal is broken or has a risk of spontaneous combustion, a temperature probe is buried and the temperature changes are monitored regularly.

(4) Strengthen air leakage detection. The tracer gas method is used regularly to check the amount of air leakage in the channel. Strengthen observations on areas where wind leakage is concentrated.

2, preventive measures

(1) Pressure equalization ventilation controls air leakage and oxygen supply. Pressure equalization ventilation is an effective measure to control air leakage in goaf in coal seam mining. First of all, under the requirements of ensuring dilution of CH4, wind speed, temperature and per capita air volume, regional pressure equalization ventilation should be fully implemented. The pressure regulation measures include single pressure regulation and multiple measures combined pressure regulation. The working face formed in the specific implementation. The pressure equalization is gradually extended to the regional pressure equalization of the goaf adjacent to the working face.

(2) Shotcrete plugging and grouting grouting. Fully enclosed shotcreting and shallow drilling of grouting in suspicious locations or hidden danger sites in coal seam mining are two effective measures to prevent spontaneous combustion.

(3) Injection gel to prevent fire. The use of injection gel technology to treat high temperature points or spontaneous ignition is a key measure for fire prevention in coal seam mining. The method is to inject the gel into the surrounding coal body at high temperature or fire point, which can not only block the air leakage channel, but also It can absorb heat and cool down.

Single Wheel Concrete Pile Spinning/Centrifugal Machine:

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4. Frequency-conversion cabinet of spinning machine records process parameter of each pipe and output reports, provides the office computer data communication interface.


Spinning Machine Technical Parameter:

Wheel Distance(mm)


Central wheel Distance(mm)


Wheel Diameteri(mm)


Axle Diameter(mm)


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