China's first 12,000-meter drilling rig put into use in Sichuan Province

As the key project of the national “863” project, the first 12,000-meter drilling rig is a large number of technological innovations. It is China’s first special deep-hole oil drilling rig with independent intellectual property rights and is currently the most technologically advanced deep-sea drilling rig in the world. . In many respects, it can be called the world's top configuration and will provide the strongest guarantee for the completion of many scientific exploration missions for Chuanke 1 well. According to reports, the entire “brain” of the drilling rig used the first ultra-deep drilling AC variable-frequency control system, and the core power winch had a lifting capacity of 6,000 horsepower. “This powerful horsepower winch can penetrate various types of hard rock formations in the depths of the earth. The drill can be easily reached! According to reports, this rig can be used in any environment, anywhere from -40°C to 55°C, and can also be automatically decelerated, braked, and alarmed according to work conditions, making drilling operations possible. The level of intelligence and the safety factor have been greatly improved. “This has also provided a world-class sword for oil and gas exploration in our province.”

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