· China's auto sales in Russia fell 52% Russian experts said that Chinese brands will still be valued by Russia

According to the Russian news agency reported on January 28, according to the Russian auto industry analysis agency Autostat, the total sales of Chinese cars in Russia fell by 52% in 2015.

According to the analyst's data, a total of 38,753 Chinese brands of new light-duty vehicles were sold last year. In 2014, the total sales volume was 81,292 units. The Russian auto market fell by 36% last year. The ratio of Chinese cars has dropped from 3.5% to 2.6%.

The first in the Russian market is Lifan, the second is Geely, and the third is Chery.

The most popular Chinese model on the Russian market is the Lifan X60. In 2015, a total of 8,300 vehicles of this type were sold, a 51% decrease from 2014.

Earlier, the Russian Automobile Dealers Association Vice-President Oleg Mosheyev said in an interview with the "Satellite" news that the decline in Chinese car sales was greater than the market decline. He believes that the main reason is that Chinese companies were not included in the auto market national support plan in 2015. Mosheev said: "In view of the fact that about a quarter of Russia’s cars were sold under the preferential scheme this year, the losses suffered by Chinese companies can be imagined. However, he believes that despite this, some Chinese brands will still Russia is regarded as one of the important markets."

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