Battenfeld Cincinnati Launches New Sheet Extruder

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China Drying Network News Battenfeld Cincinnati PWE250 Planetary Extruder is a world-leading machine that can efficiently disperse and homogenize in low-temperature processing and can produce 2 tons of EVA sheet per hour.

A planetary extruder contains a conventional single screw and a planetary gear combination for feed delivery. The planetary gear set consists of a fixed roller cylinder with internal gears, a gear spindle driven by a motor, and a planetary core shaft for rotation. All the above components of the planetary extruder are mounted at an angle of 45° to the bevel gears. The gears of the planetary mandrel are arranged in a reversed arrangement with other components. The planetary extruder concept comes from the well-known calender feeding in PVC processing. Of course, soft plasticizing is an important prerequisite in pre-low temperature processing. Due to its high output, the planetary extruder is the best choice for processing PVC and other raw materials, such as EVA sheet. The single-screw extruder produced 800 kg per hour for the same type of product, 1,200 kg per hour for the twin-screw extruder, and 2,000 kg per hour for the planetary extruder.

In addition to transparency, the innovative multi-roller technology from Bentfeld Cincinnati, a full-line production supplier, includes a twin-roll pre-set type and up to seven-roll post-cooling set. This ensures sheet thickness tolerances, uniform thickness distribution and optimum transparency, good flatness and perfect mechanical properties. At present, there are already 15 Battenfeld-Cincinnati extrusion lines in operation around the world.

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